I had a friend, his name was  Efhtivoulos, (meaning straight thinking) he was a blacksmith.
A great blacksmith,but strange. He denied to accept big works, with big winnings,
it satisfied him to have just enough for eating and drinking.
When he did' t work he was allways drank, and felt the whole truth and the secrets of life were in the bottom of a class of wine,when empty to fill again and again!
It' s a friend and a lover who doesn' t betray. He said to me.
Wine is blessed from the Gods, it' s stays with you and treats poor and rich, young and old, colour and White, slaves and free people equal!
One day I paid him a visit, and said: I want something from you, Efhtivoulos!
He stared at me! First time he stared at me in that way!
First time he heard I wanted something, and replied:
I think that you got proplems Diogenes, I think you' ve got a sunstroke!
I want you to make me a lamp, and I want you will make the best lamp for me!
A lamp? For Gods sake, why do you want a Lamp!
You don' t have a house? You don' t have anything?
For what reason you want a lamp?
I will answer, when the lamp will be made, and you know that I don' t have a penny! And you make it, for our friendship's sake!
A few days later the lamp was ready!
I thank you from my heart, Efhtivoulos!
But you owe me an explanation Diogenes!
You have to answer my question? Why do you need a lamp!
Because, I' m looking for a man!!!
There 're a lot of people around us, thousends! A lot of people!
But not a man! The one! The one who puts above himself the others!

Then, Diogenes walked through Athens in broad daylight carrying a lighted lamp,
saying that he was looking for a man! an honest man!!