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Diogenes of Sinope the Cynic

Tell me, Oh! Dog!, who is the man whose monument thou art guarding?
He is no one but the Dog Himself! But who could have been this man,
the Dog Himself? Diogenes, indeed! And what is his place of origin?
He was a man from Sinope. He who used to live in a tub? Yes, indeed,
he himself! But now, in his death, he lives among the stars!

My name is Diogenes,my nickname is dog.
Ferryman you bring the dead men
to the otherside of Hades,
bring me also,and if I did something
in my whole life,
it is that I relieved  the human life
from any useless pride!

diogenes - lamp - dog image
Even bronze groweth old with time, but thy fame, Diogenes,
not all Eternity shall take away. For thou alone didst point out to mortals the
lesson of self-sufficiency, and the path for the best and easiest life.
(Diogenes Laertius VI, 78)

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