Alexander      and       Diogenes
          The time Alexander the Great came to Athens, he heard about Diogenes.
One day he went to pay a visit to him.
"It was morning,just time of dusk: I heard voices and marching horses,I came out my (pithos- large tub) tub and saw Alexander and  his horsemen. I lay down in front of my tub, feeling the warm sun.
Alexander and the horse men stopped, and he came to me. He greeted me and I did the same, then stared at me for a long time with out saying anything.I looked  at him as well, he was young, very young, allmost a child.
Then he asked: it is true that you live in that tub? or it is just one of those pranks filosophers do in order for the people to talk and admire them?I will ansewr with a question, Alexander! it is true you want to conquer Persia, and so unit all Greeks under your leadership? or do you do all this just for the sake of getting the admiration of people?
He liked my answer! he smiled and ttouched my tub said: one tub full of wisdom. I liked this words and I feld flattered, but quickly replied: I prefer one drop of luck, that a tub full of wisdom, great King! Sometimes wisdom drives you to a bitter taste of vanith, and all your warks will stop in death! and one drop of luck can open streets you never could imagine and give you happines you never knew! Alexander anderstood every word and knew the meaning of luck in life better than anyone, then he came closer to me and said: I would like to do something very importand for you Diogenes. I know you chose this kind solitaire life, but I think that sometimes in your life you want something better.Ask me, what you want and it will be a pleasure for me to give it to you.
He stood in front of me while hiding the sun, I gave him the following answer:
I want only one thing Alexander. You stand in front of me, and you' re hinding the sun, so, don' t take from me, the thing that you can not give me!