Hello world!. I'm George Georgopoulos (yggeorgo@yahoo.com)

I was born in 23 Aug 1964 , married since 1995 and have 3 loving children ... a son and 2 twin daughters. I hold an Electrical Engineering Degree (National Technical University Of Athens). Except from computer programming, in my free time, I like to play chess games and also role-playing and strategy games.

  This is my home page.


Have a try at latest version of NG-PLAY (v9.87)

A relatively simple, open source CHESS ENGINE (Winboard compatible) that I have implemented in C language
(Full C source code is available ... see below!)
Latest changes: Bugfixes in search, Static evaluation additions.

  • Download NG-PLAY (v9.87) 64 bit version (ZIP file, containing WIN64 exe file + text opening Book)
  • NG-PLAY (v9.87) SOURCE CODE written in C language. Use Right-Click 'Save As...' to download. I use g++ to compile!



    Older versions. Sources from my archives are given here so one can see the evolution in the engine development.

  • NG-PLAY (v9.86) - Several Optimizations in Killer/History heuristic, move ordering using Hash Table and King Safety code.

  • NG-PLAY (v9.85) - Several Optimizations. Perft routine. Resign option. Transposition Table. Some bug fixes.

  • NG-PLAY (v8.5) - Faster Search! (NegaScout used instead of Negamax).

  • NG-PLAY (v7.5) - Optimizations and bugfixes..

  • NG-PLAY (v6.1) - The 1st stable version! and the first that was released in public.

  • NG-PLAY (v5.0)

  • NG-PLAY (v4.0)

  • NG-PLAY (v3.0)

  • NG-PLAY (v2.0)

  • NG-PLAY (v1.0)

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