Savas Pavlidis

Curriculum Vitae


Name Savas Pavlidis
Father's Name Kyriakos
Address Eleptherias 19
  54110 Thessaloniki
Telephone +30(31) 743373
  +30(94) 5278853
Fax +30(31) 754838
Marital Status Single (actually engaged!)



English Fluently speaking. Degrees earned are First Certificate of English (Lower) by Cambridge University 1982, TOEFL score 590, 1988.
French Certificate de Langue Francaise, 1993



Summer 1997 Two month seminar covering Sybase SQL Server and the RAD tools PowerBuilder5 and the CASE tool PowerDesignor5. The seminar covered the areas of relational database design, programming in TransactSQL, Adiministration and Tuning the SQL Server, Designing client-server applications with PowerBuilder, using CASE tools for RAD and for enforcing bussiness rules.  
November 1995 Seminar "The design and implementation of Operational Networks" by INTRAKOM/OTE.
October 1992 SeminarSeminar "Computers in Decision Making" by the Greek Society of Operations Research.
1989 Graduated from the Mathematics School of University of Patras with grade "Very Good". Majored in Computers and Operations Research. I have done a study on microprocessor efficiency (RISC vs CISC) according to number of registers with queuing theory and simulation.



11/1992 till today

I am working in the MIS Dept of the S.D.Constantinou & Sons (YALCO) as senior analyst/programmer on UNIX environment.

Among my responsibilities are the design and specification and implementation of new systems (programs) with the COBOL programming language, the maintenance of the existing ones, through all the commercial circuit, the administration of the UNIX and PC systems of the company( AIX 4.3, Linux, FreeBSD, WindowsNT4, Windows95/98), the administration of the network LAN (TCP/IP,Netbeui) and WAN (HellasCom, X25, modems).

I have installed & administer the company's email server and DNS server on a FreeBSD 3.1. Recently I started working on RDBMS and GUI MS-Windows front ends (Sybase SQL Server, Sybase Powerbuilder) for the gradual migration of our legacy COBOL system to a client-server architecture and Java for exporting some applications to Internet (extranet) and html programming.

One of the major contributions to my current employer is the research & design & deployment of a fully mirrored asynchronous replication system under Unix & Cobol, which is unique at least in Greece.

I am also a freelance professor of the National Centre of Public Administration on Computer Science since 1995.

7/1992 till 10/1992 I worked freelance to ASTRON Computers under XENIX and OS-9 (real time UNIX like operating system) with the C programming language.  
10/1991 till 06/1992 I was transfered to the MIS Dept of the the 2nd Army Corps because of my experience on computers. I worked mostly in DOS environment with Lotus 1-2-3 and Dbase III+ with scaling military supplies. I worked there till I fullfilled my military obligations.
06/1990 till 09/1991 I was enlisted to fulfill my military obligations, and selected as second lieutenant. I was educated in the Greek Army Logistics and Personnel Management and Leadership. After the 6 months education, I was given the administration of the 1st loxos of 690PAYP which supplied with parts the whole 2nd Army Corps of Hellenic Army.
9/1989 till 5/1990 I worked in STEFANOS BABOURAS OE (later named ASTRON Computers) in XENIX environment with the C programming language. My work involvd the fresh build of an application generator from the DOS environment to the multiuser character based XENIX environment. I quitted at 31/5/90 to fulfil my military obligations.  
10/1984 till 6/1989 During the period of my studies at the University of Patras, I worked on programming. I worked mostly on our mainframe, a UNIVAC 1100/60 running EXEC8/CTS operating system and for which I wrote a brief users manual in Greek which was published by the School of Mathematics for its needs. I also worked on MicroVAX II running Ultrix (UNIX-like), AT computers with DOS and XENIX. I programmed mostly with C and FORTRAN and programs targeted in Statistics, Operations Research and Dynamic Systems & Chaos.  


Social Details / Interests

  I am single and live with my parents. I am a member of the Greek Society of Operations Research and the Greek mathematical Society. I am also member of the "Thermaikos" cultural association.