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  Multivote Mod
    Multiple choice voting in phpBB polls features:
  • Use of 'checkboxes' instead of 'radio buttons'.
  • The person that creates the poll decides of the maximum allowed options to be selected.
  • Users-voters are automatically notified of the max allowed choices.
  • When only 1 choice is allowed, 'radio buttons' are automatically used.
  • Can set poll expiration within hours.
  • Time left to poll expiration appears when viewing poll results page.
  • Choose whether to hide results till poll expires or not
  • If 'hide results' is enabled, you can choose whether total number of votes will be visible or not

This should be the last version: for phpBB v.2.0.5 up to phpBB v.2.0.20        [2nd link]

Previous versions (you don't need them): for phpBB v.2.0.5 up to phpBB v.2.0.15        [2nd link] for phpBB v.2.0.5 up to phpBB v.2.0.11         [2nd link] for phpBB v.2.0.5 and phpBB v.2.0.6             [2nd link] for phpBB v.2.0.4                                           [2nd link]

It is in BETA state and according to my tests it seems to install and run properly. 
Version 1.3.3 was issued just to fix a small mistake in "posting_poll_body.php" (thanks to ashtor) 
If you are already using an older version without problems, then there is no need to update it. 

Please pay attention to the following: 

  • It is at least partially incompatible with the Admin_Voting_Mod. What I can say for sure is that you won't be able to know what the users voted for. I suggest you install either the one or the other, not both.
  • Required: You must add 4 fields in a table of your database. 

  • (in table: phpbb_vote_desc) 
  • You'll have to change 6 files of your installation, so please keep back-up copies of them.
  • It should be compatible with EasyMOD - it was compatible with EasyMOD v.0.0.7, but I didn't have the time to test it with the newer versions. 
Additional details: 
  • DataBase: MySQL 
  • Server: Apache

  • Table field added with the help of phpMyAdmin (



  ... if all of your efforts were unsuccessful till now, then you could try to compare these modified files with your files: Multivote Mod v.1.4.2 files for phpbb v.2.0.20 (         [2nd link]
[creation of fields in the database is still needed]

 - How to compare them?
  - You can use "WinMerge". It`s free and probably you can see a screenshot at the end of this page.
 You can find it at

  ... if you have attachement mod installed as well, then you could try to use these files : Multivote Mod v.1.4.2 test files for phpbb v.2.0.20 with Attachment Mod v.2.4.1 installed (           [2nd link]
[creation of fields in the database is still needed, you are suposed to have already attachment_mod installed]

ATTENTION: Keep backup copies of any files you replace. No responsibility accepted by me. You must keep backup copies, so that you can restore the old files if the new ones do not work out!


  Other files:                  [2nd link]


  - Are you looking for multivote characteristics with vote spying enabled?

  - Then you will have to wait till the phpBB version 2.2 becomes available.
  Of course, vote detailed recording is described as the option that is giving the ability to allow a user to change its vote (if allowed). The description depends on the point of view. Detailed recording, according to my opinion, it means ability to track a user`s vote - pretty unfair towards the user (especially if he is not warn in advance about the detailed vote recording). Any way, it`s up to you. Here is an example of the version to come: