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Vangelis Petsalis was born in Corfu in 1965. He took his piano lessons in the Conservatoire of the Philharmonic Society of Corfu. Since he was very young, he had an increasing interest in composing and at the age of 12 he could perform his own compositions among the advanced piano repertoire. He completed his studies in orchestration & composition in Athens in the class of the composer J. Papadatos. He has composed piano works, works for mixed choir & for orchestra, as long as music for theatre. In 1996 the Italian record company Arcadia/Agora published his first Symphony and other orchestral & piano works in a CD with a worldwide distribution, with the participation of the Symphony Orchestra of Bulgaria under the direction of A. Panayotopoulos.

The American company of introduction and promotion of records Records International, one of the greatest and most valid on Internet, referring to this CD, commented: This young Greek composer writes lushly tuneful, colourful music in a vivid, neo-romantic vein… A very personal voice and a very enjoyable disc.(RI catalogue July 98).

He was also commissioned to compose for the famous violinist Sergey Krylov and in 1997 S.Krylov and the Camerata under the direction of A. Myrat presented his Concertino Narrativo for violin, piano and string orchestra in Megaron hall in Athens. He also has recorded his works with the National Symphony Orchestra of ERT under the direction of M. Logiadis.


In 1997 he became member of the Union of Greek Composers. He was also appointed art director of the European Department of Symphony Orchestra of Bulgaria.


In 2000 he was ordered the composition of a piece for clarinet and strings by the Orchestra of Colours. In March 2001,this certain piece, under the title Arguments for  clarinet and strings was presented at the Hellenic American Union with M Logiadis conducting the above Orchestra and the world-wide awarded Spyros Mourikis, as a clarinet soloist. In February 2003 the State Orchestra of Athens presented his work “Harp on the same Strings” in a concert organized by the Union of Greek composers.

Many mass media in Greece and abroad have made benevolent references to his work (Eleftheros Typos Sunday Issue, Eleftherotypia, Kathimerini, Studio A,La Cultura, L`Avvenire, Jazz&Jazz etc) and have broadcasted a wide range of his production( Classical Discoveries,Radio Vaticana Musica, Public Radio Television of Connecticut,Era3,Athens 9.84 etc) while the MP3 site in the net keeps a personal page for him ( with thousands of`s Classical recommendations, referring at his Adagio for Strings No1, wrote at their site's homepage: “Emotional and melancholic, this adagio by composer Vanghelis Petsalis will tug at your heartstrings like a Samuel Barber or John Williams composition!”


In May 2003 he was invited in the U.S.A where he had an interview and presentation of his entire work at Princeton's University radio station WPRB in the program “Classical Discoveries” by the prof. Marvin Rosen (28/5/2003) while at 31/5/2003 some of his preludes where presented in a concert which Marvin Rosen gave at Bristol Chapel of Westminster Conservatory of Music at Rider University N.J.


He has also studied medicine and he is a  specialized doctor in Radiology.

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