BOOK No3) (= B3). Physics: Universe = AREA *  MATERIAL * MOVEMENT (T = X Õ.. K)


# 1   INTRODUCTION PREFACE Notification.
   NEW THEORIES. APPROACHES. Natural high sense.
   Subjects: Physics, challenged the contemporary theories fysikis.Nees revolutionary new experiences.
   Disclosure: Philosophy of high objectivity. Informative clarification.
   Source new experiences outside the establishment. Equal and we care?
   Physics for future scientists under the age of "25" years.
   Natural philosophy made in tzinis. Random dispatch randomly. Highlights concerns.
   Something for everyone on the page: I will not say many things about only 5%
   Many things are not so that we know from the establishment.
 Because in Greece found no scientific academy, etc. to understand what I say in my theory (or for reasons of jealousy, hatred, ignorance envy).
Apefthynome and abroad. I hope in another country might find a pecific academy university scientists, etc. me UNDERSTAND WHAT LEGO.
A Greek who consider him stupid. ... DAH-ntafiaseos government agencies, etc., requesting denial of the new theories.
An ancient Greek Man of modern physics and philosophy. I'm starting to regret that I am proud Greeks.
          36 Years' memorial ".......
  Only me (books, etc.) sent the following CEMETERIES OF TRUTH:
 ¨ The media entafiaseos deception etc: Newspapers, Magazines, TV, journalist, broadcaster,
  College, Educational Institute, Association of Greek individuals, Individuals etc. etc. etc. And buried, (the cute). Were gravediggers.

              ************ My books *************
   NEW APPROACHES, NEW THEORIES CONTAINING my books, among other issues covered my books thoroughly analyze, approach, supplement, subvert, and challenge many of the theories of modern physics. (Studies, treatises, dissertations).
(You should watch out ... since 1974 has been buried by the establishment of the Academy and the media-ntefiaseos etc. (They do not understand what I say?)
PAPER N ° 1 ----( Philosophy) --- * Speech writing.
  EXPLANATORY ANALYSIS OF PHENOMENA Meet The ego-ego on the table. HUMAN REQUIREMENTS-(Man "Vidakis." We live for 5 reasons.)
  Scientific and causal analysis of the phenomena of creation, objectively.
NEW THEORIES. Perfectionist philosophy for philosophers, etc. The man is a dual-textured fabrication, intellectual consistency, and texture from animal instincts.
I'm the first one said:
 The EXTERNAL our senses is 6 and not 5. Try yourself by now feeling the 5, a man knows with closed eyes (or night) in the water if it is upside down stomach or italic?
 THE SENSE OF BALANCE is the sixth sense.
 HOME The senses are both TIME and 7 sense (p.47) and the sense of all the senses, mind, logic, PROCESSOR of information and memory, or eighth sense (8ai) (Sel.53)
. THE SENSE OF BALANCE expand and space, one that teeter on the rope, who says that bending in Acrobat? Etc. etc.). The beans etc. grow when sown all those who were pinned down and can not stalk the earth and leave the roots out.
  We live on five (5) reasons, and bless PARALOGOUS. To counteract the shortcomings of our instincts. (Book 1, p. 18).
We live in the world of the senses. Everything is for the living. There is a possible thing to have no grounds exist before. None of which had no reason to exist, why they should be, the need to identify all.
  We live only to satisfy (two trillion + = 5) main reasons NEEDS of our ego. And to meet the anxious striving creating happy sad break down and conquer conquered.
  The reasons are as follows: 1) The instinct to AFTOSYNTIRISEOS.
2) The instinct of EXCELLENCE. 3) The sexual instinct. All this creates two other reasons that make people act like instincts, and: 4) The prevalence and 5) the subconscious. That we will do will be excluded except to satisfy one or all of the above REASONS.
  There will be no one to find other reasons for acting the man unless he is mistaken.
(Absolute). Even the most unlikely aimed at satisfying the desire of the instincts and our senses of 8 finals. That satisfies our instincts are good and that hurts bad. In fact there is good and bad, if it satisfies the instincts are good and if hurts bad.
                     PAPER N ° 2 ----( )---- E Normal style. (Not available in electronic form only a book.)
                                       WHAT AND HOW IT WORKS:
Resistors - Capacitors - coil - tubes - Diodes - Transistors - thyristors.
Mechanical respectively, capacitors, coils, transistors, thyristors, etc. NEW THEORIES
1) How: NO THIRD DIMENSION IN electromagnetic phenomena (Sel.78).
  2) How to: HOW TO MAKE PAYMENT transistors (the wrong hole for the interpretation of the aid. The Block (0) between (P) (N) crystal (voltage zener good time) between the sensor base, Sel.100-124 ). Mechanical respective capacitors transistors etc
   <><><><><><><><>< BOOK NEW N ° 3. NOTICE - (NEW THEORIES additions, etc.) - ><><><><><><><><><><>
        In electronic form. Normal script for free. Second edition 2008 improved
 Book of Greek physics: Universe = AREA * * MATERIAL MOVEMENT. (550-kb) NATURAL Approximate%.
 Greek heretical revolutionary physics from scratch. Recitals, objective, dynamic, layman, tape, and selflessly. It read like a novel. ~ tzinis/B3-FYSIKH-gr.htm
The latent of modern physics.
    For those interested in and beyond the mask, sexual and digestive tract.
Regard for those who respect their intelligence, and anyone who does not think the derogatory comments, (publishing, etc.) Objective physical rather than imaginary or theoretical misunderstanding of some phenomena and not fall into contradictions of objective reality.
(Natural High reflection from scratch).
New theories, studies, treatises, dissertations. Contests upsets, close in fact many of the modern theories of physics.
   For people high penetrance (80-90%), logic and high quality (HQ).
   (No hate envy envy). I have the impression that anything I say.
   STRICT selfish aggression. Last attempt to understand what to say.
   Those affected me refute those who find them the right to admit and act proper, and those who find them lacking to complete.
   Of course all this if you are familiar with the issues raised: The things I say in my theories, my books in my floating in the internet on my websites, blogs, etc. (Not much room left for mistakes.)
You are compelled those who want to bring an opinion, you trillion options:
2) to accept if.
3) YOU can contribute, in the approach to truth and reality with your knowledge of science and the wonderful YOU.

BOOK No3) (= B3). Physics: Universe = AREA * * MATERIAL MOVEMENT (T = X Õ.. K) (First edition 1980 phonetic.)
   Book of Greek physics.
Timeless sophisticated 'unnatural' natural from scratch. Compressed meanings. (Natural High reflection from scratch). New theories, studies, treatises, dissertations. Contests upsets, close in fact many of the modern theories of physics. Such as: distributed free in electronic format 550 KB ("half" diskette) PHYSICS OF THE FUTURE. ~ tzinis/B-3-FYSIKH-gr.htm
  NEW worldview. New contradictory findings. The opinion of the text (page) that kills. He says real truths, dangerous truths, approaches, namely strict objective and not subjective. Affordable true dynamic aggressively challenging ...... but always objective.
 New Physics beyond the status quo. Revolutionary heretical physics from scratch. He says that:
How: 1) The action does not determine the motion, but the movement of energy. (Any action is eventually net) (p.10). The action is one and only.
What: 2) Time does not specify the motion but the movement time (p.44). Time does not exist, nor contraction time. Time is a sense (p.48).
How: 3) The Doppler effect is in contrast to the particle nature of light and constant speed (p.15).
What: 4) The light quanta, but it is a disorder of the space (Sel.31-39).
How: 5) The space that you want and that he want (p.14-17).
What: 6) The electron in orbit peripatetic CONTINUOUSLY wave radiation emitted as opposed to the theory of Bohr (p.20).
How: 7) All wave radiation owe their existence to the movement (behavior) of the electron (p.20).
How to: 8) The heat is the result of the speed of electrons in their orbits.
(Disturbance of the site) (Sel.52).
How: 9) Light: The darkest thing in nature after the space (area disorder) (p.41).
How: 10) The energy, inertia, momentum, speed is the individual characteristics of the relative motion of matter (p.24).
What: 11) There is no speed limit in contrast to Einstein (p.12-15).
What: 12) The mass and speed are unrelated. (Increase mass, etc.) (p.12)
What: 13) in the center of the earth there is gravity (Sel.29).
What: 14) Matter and motion defines our world in the area (p. 9).
What: 15) Everything is relative (to humans) and even the concept of relativity.
What: 16) Truth is everything that does not prove a lie, either our interests or not.

     ========= BOOK OF POEMS ° 4 ----() --- * Speech writing. =========
                               A PLACE IN CONTRAST. (Light Dark)
                        By the logic of the future in the past now. ~ tzinis / piimata.htm
   Poems: Realistically, satirical, political, philosophical, objective, sex, etc.
  * The text of my books are 1-3-4 voice phenomena (mathematical) script, antigrafeiokratiki (the future) instead of (my) use the (v) all (h) (i) with the epsilon (e) monotonic, etc.) In addition to the book.
N ° 2. and 5.
                                          BOOK NEW N ° 5. PHILOSOPHY ----() --- Normal style.
   In electronic form, for free. Second edition 2003 improved. (First edition 1982)
                 ~ tzinis/B-3-FOLOSOFIA-gr.htm
                                      TOPICS IN THIS PAGE. (Internet)
                         RELATED: ISSUES: PHYSICAL Revolutionary
New Theories of Physics: Approaches.
+ Gravity. + Black Holes? OR NEW STAR FORMATION, THE PLANET. + Time does not exist! + My books. + Tuesday Dimension 3D. S Y M P A N's new? <> Universal phenomenon of wave radiation. <> SKOTINO LIGHT. MILLENNIUM - MILLENNIUM.
(Allows any publication and free exchange of ideas without permission of the author and in any way.)
                           ~ tzinis +

#2 == (1) == PREFACE
   PHYSICS: NEW ISSUES. TROMERES FINDINGS, approaches, labels, theories, additions, scientific knowledge. NEW THEORIES .. Absolutely:
                             ABSOLUTE: Natural objective law.
                         The biggest finding my natural is:
   To there is one thing, anything which should have PROPERTIES eg weight, mass, inertia, volume, heat, etc. otherwise not exist. (Bar in reality).
  What we want is that properties AREA (Or "GOD"). Is the space and properties. Or tell me a thing to exist and has no PROPERTIES.
    CAUTION: Read dynamic offensive Philosophy, objective reasoning, and lethal unattractive.
   Approximate naturally high on logic%. Greek heretical revolutionary physics from scratch.
   Recitals, objective, dynamic, layman, tape, and selflessly. Telling the truth accessible dynamically.
   Modern scientific objective philosophy logic high for people of high quality. (HQ)
   This book, etc.) is AFSTIROS OBJECT ("absolute") strange weird heretic, heretics and even (for some), defiant aggressive but perfectly objective out of ulterior motives of human interests, etc. egos telling the truth accessible.
  Regard for those who respect their intelligence, and anyone not considered derogatory to public. It read like a novel.
   Physics of high concern. Value is, I understand. (If you understand it). The problem is not what you say, but to understand what (finally with 5% error). Everything is compared to the people, even the concept of relativity.
   I'm not famous with no big names and titles, etc. consider derogatory to take into account the MERCHANTS OF TRUTH and bury them PROODEFTIKOUS or those who do not sell. I could not imagine that it is so difficult to judge the Academy towed text me if what I write offer a solution, etc. The modern me (those sent to my work) do not dare even think of such a truth because many of the capsize modern physics.
  Usually they offer, calling the truth of reality are ignored, unless they are famous with titles etc.
  At the apex of all human pursuits is the interest and ego.
   For things that do not prove that you want and say: If you're famous recognized with doctorate degrees so you can say and no nonsense baroufes misunderstood by extraneous or substandard "husbandmen". If you are nameless, and the greatest philosophers to tell it to go shopping, graphic, so stupid and illiterate, and the husbandmen, the opinion is true objectivity plays no role, and thavesai gagged the media, the ntafiaseos TV etc. ALWAYS an exception to the pioneers that propelled the awake, etc. And his fellow humans by jealousy envy hate them chasing them excommunicated kill them, etc. You will not be an exception. No one prophet in the land.
  ACCOUNT ONLY: For future people who respect their intelligence, and the silent world of diversity establishment.
  In his book entitled Universe = AREA * * MATERIAL MOVEMENT (1980) refute many theories of modern physics. So far received no falsification or recognition, was ignored. Please act and deemed appropriate. There is no supernatural, only unknown.
  Of course it does for people the third millennium, but for long after.)
  Only to wake up those who want to wake up. (The other let's fly).
  (You see what I say .. reee Very selfish huh? Apothrasynthika uh?). Law-rational.
  And we see you and write .....( and others), the "charge" us your ..!
  * (IEE = Out of Exceptional Exceptions) told the truth .... THE CREAM! - (Common).

    (3) PAPER N ° 3: Universe = AREA * * MATERIAL MOVEMENT.
   Preface: For many of each new theory is not accessible ratio of the incumbent habits and inability to control it, and therefore limited knowledge to a wide range of physical, so in this study point out my contradictions of modern physics to appreciate the area of weakness explanation of many phenomena and many contradictions. Apart from some new theories of the rest of the book back to a more rational basis of existing theories that contradict each other. Noting that human reason should be increased too. Man must learn to be cautious and not accept
as good a theory when two seemingly solves three things while leaving gaps are more. We are in the 21st century, everything is possible and questionable. People are concerned but their abilities are divided into two categories, the research scientists, and the passive recipients, which propelled them to the trailer, and predators, which are many.
  When a thing is established that brings SIMPLICITY AND ECONOMY QUALITY (AP S) space years money power, it should immediately be adopted when there is no major opposing argument, it should become law this way of thinking override the individual interests of ego habits of our culture, etc. Not with half-measures but root for good.
   The progress of science is propelled to the few, the many trailers on the progress of a few, like a railway train engine is one of the wagons are many. By this time the existing theories explain many phenomena, but many wrong because they interpret holographic, we now have more tools and information for better interpretation.
   Many things are simply, we make them complicated to either sell or spirit of ignorance or because they avoid strenuous work or ground failure interpretation (lack of logic high). 1) For example, the time written thousands of studies of theories of the world, all for a fake things, because there is no time sense. The single of the year created in the mind of man alone, driven by the desire of integration and the process (sleep) required for it. 2) The heat is considered as the motion of molecules, and the pressure that is due to the impact of molecules on the walls of the container. We will not stop here, however, one does not interpret all phenomena, the first question, the heat is transmitted within the gap, but how? Second, because in an uncovered pot temperature that the molecules do not have any pressure on the walls of the tank? 3These and many others show that the trailer is far more than it seems.
  For each theory, which requires knowledge so hard study and a broad range of knowledge outside the establishment. Those who try to bring our opinion be careful because this is not something usual, can not be frivolities enthusiasms etc. or intolerance and obscurantism arbitrary fit, but seriously, let us learn a lesson from the stupidity of our ancestors, because everything is possible and arguably outside if we prove or disprove that there is.
    (4) Those who try to bring our opinion be careful because this is not something ordinary, not open to frivolities enthusiasms etc. or intolerance obscurantism arbitrary fit, but seriously, let us learn a lesson from the stupidity of our ancestors, because everything is possible and questionable.
   The book is about a few on awake or for those who want to wake up for those who bring a lot of speed in mind, self-propelled physical, etc. It is very difficult to write a book that has the word WHAT, HOW ARE. and why it is so, and even more when negotiating physics as avoiding possible mistakes. It is one way to approach someone to reality. Made a special effort to be guided by the simplicity of quality and economy, it is understood by the layman as possible.
   A theory may be correct, but if people can not explain certain phenomena that would not say that it is wrong, but then comes the need for another better, or a new vision of old. If the other solves several phenomena or less, the ear will solve most will prevail, so that a third will solve all the phenomena, etc.
   The interpretation of natural phenomena is possible and otherwise, when the existing theories do not explain all phenomena, so the new ones introduced in this book are close to most of existing without solving all the problems, simple approach to reality . Furthermore, the full interpretation of all phenomena is therefore impossible barriers posed by reality, because when a thing is not complex (bar reality) then it can be analyzed further, when forced to stop there.
    (5) And there I stopped you? AREA matter and motion and the fields are only suspicions on my part. If we take the speed of e-track to be the cause of the heat, and the centripetal and centrifugal force as the cause that keeps the chemicals into molecules, then read the following phenomena: The thermoioniki transmission electron conductivity of the semiconductor insulators, the contraction and dilation of Soma, all wave radiation and the notorious photoelectric effect, the ignition of diesel engines, heating by pressure and cooling through expansion, all the chemicals, the burning of fats, etc.
   THE MAN AND THE POSSIBILITIES. (The most pathetic creature of nature).
   The man on nature or God is an insignificant event WITHOUT ANY ABSOLUTE VALUE.
   Besides, the biggest injustice become the intelligence of mankind is that: Life on Earth, MAINTAIN THE DEATH smaller and weak, PLANT AND INSECT SPECIES Substandard THINGS. A single god is a creation of man and not man created by God of God. The knowledge of people or ideas on the various facts and theories, have nothing but the nature of creation, disregarded, or say that God made them all either made it themselves, or that the earth moves or you are standing in nature does not change anything, everything is for the people, for their logic. First thought that the earth was the center of the universe and the sun and planets revolved around the earth, fighting the land Kini and run day and night, etc., and lived and died billions of people ignoring basic laws of nature, and nothing will change if you hear it all.
   Mathematics is a creation of human beings: the expression of sygkritikotitas the association of organic computers for high-tech biological king of the animal man, the human mind, the logic above which there is nothing, is associated the comparative nature (what would the value of "God" or nature if you were my man, point to the correlations).
   There are mathematical in nature, nature uses only the fields and the dynamic compensation, mathematics reflect the relationships between quantities, speed, size, size, addresses, etc. are pre-existing relationship of mathematics. The math is the best tool sygkritikotitas association of science. The deification but their bureaucracy and brought great plagues thousands of students and cut that do not require mathematics.
    (6) The nature of mathematics, but does not use the material movement and the fields, ie when two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen found in appropriate gear for flion electrons are converted to water, without taking account of mathematics. The possibilities of human knowledge or ideas of his dreams can not change almost anything, we form a complex movement that is determined by matter and motion in space, we exist because we move we are, consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly Our anapneome oxygen transfer in blood, etc. and by moving the heart supplies all body cells, which in various processes maintain all movements of the body.
  If one stops the movement of such heart, then from that moment on we are left with only 2-3 minutes because each heartbeat postpone our death. If they were consciously controlled heart then tried not to stop if something was wrong, but this is an extension of the desire not to die, if not get away. The most spectacular moves made at the level of atoms with electrons revolving around people and identify all organic and inorganic substances. Everything is determined by various forms of movement of matter. And literally swim in the wave radiation.
   All the senses such as sight, taste, smell, hearing, balance, and time (all the senses are not 7 and 5) send the information only when there is movement of matter or field that excites the example if you put a chocolate in your mouth and leave it dangling without language, we will come a time when we will not know what we have in our mouths, just begin to chew it will start feeling the town flavor. Or when, grab the hand of a woman to choreis chaidefome then will come a time when we will not know what you catch, etc.
   The organic matter determined by the speed of electrons in the valence shells in the space occupied by the molecule, and the energy is any organic material, depending on the intensity of the field through which you save.
When burning an organic material that the speed of electrons in the valence shells of molecules, or individuals, and that the centrifuge is created, the electrons are hurled from its molecular structure, resulting in
    (7) injection to dissolve the components, because the valence electrons hold the molecules in the final analysis. Returning to the electrons their individual constructs and because the smaller diameter of the orbit produce the extra speed in the form of wave radiation (disorder space). The consistency of all components due to electrostatic attraction and competitive centrifugal force of electrons.
   Everything is moving, and moving is the existence of several organic and inorganic elements, although the increased traffic (heat) change the characteristics of organic substances (oil, etc.) Everything is a form of motion, matter and motion determine our world in space.
   This book will bring profound changes to the basic laws of physics with the new revolutionary theories in the twentieth century (if you understand the approaches, because it is a challenge therefore to rational thinking with multi-faceted analysis of events puts everything in some controversy and concern, is facing a dynamic situation grounded in several events converge. It creates new fields of action and lays the groundwork for a new visa laws of physics, and is written with such challenging authoritarian style of historical necessity. refutation here requires that I am wrong (I recognize but do not rule out).
   Besides, you write this book and n refer to live but rather those who were not born yet. The modern I would react in the traditional way means their ego exceptions.
(8) (9) A. AREA, matter, and motion
   All the theories on human nature must be based on the following three things: space, matter, motion, and high objective sense. When the objective detection, investigation and experience the natural phenomena that do not begin to composite and technical means can not only be helping us with the high objective logic can extend their knowledge to a limit.


#3             UNIVERSE
   Universe: The SPACE, and the relative time and movement of MATTER and the way in the provision of fields (loads (e-) and (e +) and relative inactivity.
   Energy state of matter, or disruption of the absolute (absolute mode).
From the above definition, we conclude the following: 1) The universe, namely that we understand that and so far it has fallen to our attention consists of three things unrelated to the current data from the site by the material, and relative time and speed of movement (momentum) of matter. 2) The material is converted into energy or energy into matter. 3) The final act is nothing other than a relative motion of matter but something else, and it consists of material in a lower or higher relative motion in space or relative motion 0.
For example a quantity of material has energy E = 10eV only if associated with another material is E = 0eV. No relationship has energy E = 0eV.
    Relative to another matter (particles) with energy 10eV what is the total energy? 0, 10 or 20eV; concerned with a view to initiating a 0 E = 10eV.
With one of the same speed and direction is E = 0eV. And in a reverse direction and velocity E = 20eV.
  In the example above clearly shows that the action itself is concerned with the matter.
M = mass and relative time and speed of movement (U). So the matter, time and speed of movement. The amounts of energy, the action itself depends on the relative direction (direction) and speed movement of matter (inertia) identify the energy.
    (10) WHAT IS ENERGY. Catholic phenomenon.
   We talk constantly about energy and we have not defined what is energy? The amount of energy or the action itself, in fact determined by the direction and relative speed of movement (momentum) of matter in space, relative to something else.
   This action can take many forms but one single, and that that seems to be the result of the relative movement of matter in space, ie changing the position of a quantity of matter in space relative to a movable or immovable material. When a thing is moving at any speed unless associated with something else, then it does not drive, energy, inertia and momentum, etc. or present.
   When an electron gains great clarity in a linear accelerator that energy is not ONLY Kinetics and quantum as in reality it should have been, STOICHEIODES AMOUNT OF ENERGY.
   Any form of energy and if we analyze thermal light particle mechanics, etc. final drive is a comparative one particle or piece of matter in space.
This finding makes ear admit that if the action is only the relative motion and having nothing more to be a measure must first be material, so the matter before the Energy and identifies, the next it can matter and energy are reversible
phenomena, namely the material to convert energy into matter and energy.
   The material in the presence of curves in space point at eg displace space and creates static fields.
These fields are static situations the curvature of space (magnetic and nuclear electric gravitational field.) The wave radiation is the electron kinetic situations that disrupt the site, and transmit ear disorder but the speed of light, visible radiation as a UV laser etc. (3D) The radiation (light, etc.) is the disturbance caused to the premises by the energy state of matter that causes the speed of electrons, people around here.
                                                  TRANSMISSION OF ENERGY.
   ENERGY TRANSMISSION have two ways: YLIKOS (inertial) and KYMATIKOS: 1) THE AVERAGE OF SPACE KYMATIKOS (disturbance of the area of 3D) of the loads (e-). And 2) the particle RELATIVE TIME AND MOVEMENT OF MATTER IN THE AREA. That energy is only transmitted when the material is changing energy level, status, distance, speed, order, direction through space, and nothing else.
                            SAVE ENERGY IN THE UNIVERSE.
   Save energy we have: 1) the relative motion that occurs with inactivity and 2) the potential energy in the distorted magnetic fields, electricity, nuclear and gravitational (energy provision) that the distortion of the static fields (elasticity), and
modifying the distribution of characteristics of fields. And because the fields are within the area, then we can say that altering the characteristics of the area in a Single manifested to us as fields.
   It seems the transfer of energy from the middle of a space system to another or from one person to another, when not moving relative bataxi their KYMATIKOS made only as sound waves, the system that emits only wave radiation is not altered, no damaged, it loses material, not decreases the volume, etc. unless emitting materials and particles. The Hertzian waves, light, ultraviolet radiation is electromagnetic nature, and any other form of energy transmitted wave, but a disturbance of space spread radially (3D) in space.
   An example: A speaker produces sound at a distance from it is another accepted as a lampitsa, we see that the energy from each other transmit light waves and the lampitsa. (The above system if you put it in a vacuum, then we have no transmission of energy.) The sound wave to convert electricity into light (photons) into heat, but the speaker transmitter to broadcast material particles and fret, electrons or quanta etc.
fret like a speck of naphthalene because transmitting material particles, or a radioactive element that transforms (radiological particulates matter missiles, etc.) as well as a transformer from the primary to secondary transfer huge amounts of energy without spoiling it for that reason, and hydro generating enormous amounts of energy without weight loss, etc. but due to distortion of the gravitational field.
   The mass Soma is a stable and unchangeable, unrelated to the speed, because we do not know whether moving or calm.
Suppose that calms, but about what? The land can be calm, concerned with the sun but moves to 30 kilometers per second, and our solar system moves through space at high speeds, then we can speak of rest mass therefore we are wrong in elementary, there is no rest mass. One thing is moving only a comparative one of a different direction or speed, we get the relative speed of movement as a mass increase, which is wrong.
   Relative to the theory of relativity the mass energy, etc. I have noticed the following inconsistencies:
1) The mass of a Soma absolute peace should be 0, because when running at the speed of light the mass becomes infinite, and the two versions is absurd.
2) Therefore let e-protons or so when running at the same speed and direction of comparative, one with each other are moving, momentum, energy, and mass 0, but simultaneously with a target move in opposite or different speeds, and that is
have motion, momentum, energy, etc. In reality, or lack energy? 3) If all matter in the universe then converted into energy that will occur because there is no mass of material, etc.
(E = M º • C ²), (M = E / C ²), ie (M = 0 = E / C ²) it will cease to exist and energy.
   The ultimate effect is on time and motion of matter in space, or disturbance of the site by the kinetic state of matter electron (a disorder of the 3D space of the loads of e-).
                   Fact or fiction: Reflections.
   To admit that the speed of light waves and any material or radiation is the highest possible, then we must admit that the place with which he played in all the movements, which consists of something which limits the development of faster, the liquidity of the area or the highest possible transfer of the inertia, the speed disturbance, elasticity. In a completely empty space can not be understood restriction can not be construed as, statement, curvature energy level, etc. This property is a state of matter or of an entity, attribute identifies a comparative situation to another, involves past and present and to get past this required a move a form of energy involving material or anything else relevant. From what is apparent from all submissions must consist of something that is unknown or can not find or recognize, unless our brains on the nature of it is inappropriate to resolve it does not fit and objections to what I say .
To change a behavior thing, you must have attitude. To change distorted form eg a straight curves, etc., must be this thing in advance to have a certain shape as a form of an energy level is anyway something will suffer opion altering the curvature of the deformation characteristics of the must say in advance to have features which will be altering the climate, etc. so whether we like it or not we acknowledge that space is something, unless we play with words. These events force us to act in your space to consist of something not admit it for various reasons (selfishness).
   Everything is on and the light is no exception so if the highest possible speed of light ear, then the restriction apyris speed limit through the middle of the distribution. Light is a disorder of the space resulting from the movement of material in the e-ratio of the rotational movement of the individual, every spin is a sentence of a circle. The disturbance of space-borne speed of 300,000,000 kilometers per second, but this does not limit the growth speed of material particles larger spacecraft so if there is the energy required for this purpose, ie not in any way we can increase speed of sound in air as a means of restricting the spread of, and yet the supersonic aircraft run more, because there are waves.
   The device is inappropriate to show anything relevant, contrary evidence in the further
The speeds are added and removed materials Soma, and not to be constant, the Doppler effect (Doppler) shows what is really happening, because the experiment is on earth and with the earth rotates and the air and ether, the hypothetical fluids meet everything (the arms of the device should come in time which is impossible. And what a move would show the device? of earth around itself, around the sun, or the movement of our solar system or the movement through the galaxy in the universe, etc.? The experiment is as if we want to in a car to discover the movement of air out of the car without taking your hand out the window in the car can smoke and smoke to go to front and from outside to run at 200 km per hour ANTITHETOS.
 If in a supersonic runs with 2 and 3 times more than the sound, a whistle for the last seat, the first will normally be heard as the plane is on the ground because the air through which sound is crap and this one moves the speed of the airplane and the sound runs relative to the earth but 2-4 times more related to the earth!
(15) Doppler effect.
   The addition and removal speed of light in an undeniable Doppler effect contrasts with the constant speed of the quanta. The light tends to be red when the source and to remove the purple when approaching, simply put: The quantum increase (or decrease) the frequency of their movement, but to increase the frequency must increase their mass (quanta more frequency have a greater mass). To increase the mass, the only reason that exists in modern physics is that speed is increased (with increasing speed increases the mass) such a scenario is contrary to the constant speed of light Einstein and the natural frequency of matter , but agrees with the wave nature of light and adding and removing gear. The Doppler effect is clearly open and without opposition demonstrates that material particles (quanta photons) speeds are added and removed, the Doppler effect agrees with the wave nature of light.

#4          (16) WAVE AND TACHYTIS
   Light and sound transmitted at a speed D respectively in all directions, and regardless of the motion of the source, because the speed is limited by the means through which they propagate. The light and sound differ only in their velocity, the nature and means of dissemination, the light disturbs the area, and the sound of air molecules.
   If we run with the speed of light and behind us comes a ray of light to 10 meters ear has ever reached us, nor we will see if we fight we are in another world two hours away from a beam of light now begins within us will meet in two hours if we start with it while at the same speed then we will meet in an hour in the middle distance and then an hour to reach the world from which we started (they do not tolerate opposition .)
   A car running on 50 meters per second (180 km per hour) and press the horn or turn on the lights the sound and light will not run plus 50 meters for audio (340 50 m) and light (300.000chil . 50 m) but the speeds would be those allowed by any means through which they propagate. If the vehicle runs over the spread of the wave respectively, then the sound and light will be left behind.
   For all other information (parameters) to read the physics of sound, which apply to light. Modern physics confuse a velocity wave with the motion of material particles. Another wave, and other such materials, when added velocities correlate (compare) the wave motion and any other material close to or away from the anus wave, and do not add up when we deal only with sound waves or light.
Eg. when approaching a light or sound anus, the process adds the light goes to the violet and the sound is sharp (higher frequency) we have that add speed, and when removed removal ratios (procedures, Doppler effect, light sound erythroteron lower .)

    (17) ===== N E S S T R A T E C K I T E I S (theories) Greek physics) =====
                    == Only to wake up those who want to wake up. (The other let's fly) .==
                                             NEW THEORIES OF NEW APPROACHES. Absolutely:
                                     PLACE: The mysteries of mysteries. Deadlock absolute.
   The venue is matter and motion is on the darker nature is the space after the light comes, then matter and motion.
What is space? Is ter dimensions chews which contains all the material world, the stars, planets, galaxies, etc.? The area has a size of properties has been shaped, consisting of something, some form of matter unknown to us? Is a plain like the magnetic power of gravity? Say you have all the above, it should consist of something essential, irrelevant if you do not admit it. Suppose that the space has a dimension limits, it's like a big balloon in which is all the astral world with its tremendous range of millions of light years, etc. And let's suppose that once someone reaches the walls (at the end of sidereal space) and wanted to see what was outside the walls of the space (of what are the boundaries?) what you see? will see a world like ours in a large scale, all of ours will represent one of the other uranium atoms? or see the chaos, darkness?
  In this chapter the validity of the imagination the truth lie reality, objectivity, etc. have no meaning, all confused, you can not distinguish, as can be seen an area that has no end. We live in a world where everything has a beginning and end, they all have a certain shape properties. The area is outside human possibility, something that the human brain is unable to capture, identify, and even to identify roughly.
   Let's say you have an end shape dimension, then there is the terrible question, outside of our own world, what is? Continue the process of our world or end? If yes, then that ends, if not then what is beyond?

    (18) From what emerged: The place is like that want you want and anything you want. We have that capacity, is the most sinister thing.
  Unfortunately, the human processor can process complex phenomena, which reaches the region of the compound, but when a thing is not complicated, you can not edit it (no restriction on the compound), eg the atom consists of protons, neutrons, electrons "positrons" etc . the proton consists of a neutron and a positron (positive electron). The neutron by a proton an electron and a antineutron etc. But what is pozitronio it electron, what antineutron etc. What is electric charge, what is magnetism?
  What is anyway something which is not complex? Is the wall of human reason?
   The principle of complex, revolutionary logic processing and finding me.

                         THIRD DIMENSION IN electromagnetic phenomena (3D)
   From physics we know that a conductor or coil where there is the influence of a variable magnetic field generates an electric current through it, and the transmission of electrical energy from one coil to another example is 1000-3000 times more pronounced when the magnetic lines pass through a core of closed-circuit (transformers) and not through the mass of copper wire coil.
    The inline power transmission of the electromagnetic phenomenon, not justified or electric magnet. Because these two phenomena must necessarily be closed circuit (it is curved), while the wave (transmission of energy) is not closed loop, but transmit a straight line through the area without returning to the starting points. The reasons for this conclusion are:
   In 1953, one experimenter transformer coils, etc., I noticed that.
1) When the magnetic lines do not pass through the wire coil, but are absorbed by the core of the transformer, normally we should have a reduction of electricity in the secondary, because the magnetic lines are dropped from the wire coil, it passes through the mass of the nucleus. In reality, for example, have increased from 1000 to 3000 times. Then what happens?
2) In an electrical circuit. electrons starting from the negative pole of the anus, passing through the coil creates a magnetic field in space or in the nucleus and
    (19) returning from the positive (closed circuit). The magnetic lines also from the field or in the nucleus, ie the electric and magnetic be necessary to close the circuit, or a means of space or a means of electrical and magnetic circuit, respectively, if for example one hundred electrons start sap the negative pole necessarily have to enter one hundred sap the positive. If you start at one hundred lines from the magnetic south pole of one hundred necessarily have to enter the boron etc.
3) When the core of a transformer leaking of a variable magnetic field that radiates. But what? Not radiate but neither electrons nor magnetism (magnetic lines).
4) The electromagnetic waves transmitted straight line from the transmitter to the receiver. This also is true. But since the electric and magnetic field are by their nature to return from where you started, then that becomes the denunciation of "electromagnetic" waves continue even when the cause ceases who created them? (The electromagnetic field). Example of radar transmitters emitting in space, etc. etc. and this is also true. Then what happens? From what result if I am not mistaken, the transmission of electricity does not become either electric or magnetic, ala a third dimension perpendicular to both magnetic fields and line and transmitted wave (polarized) as the light. The notion that the airwaves are electromagnetic in nature, and that electricity is transmitted electromagnetic transformers and transmitters should be reviewed. Between electric and magnetic circuit mediates the insulation of the wire of the mold etc. (the distance that separates the coil from the core).
   The third dimension is that which connects the distance between the coils and igneous (between primary and core and between core and secondary, Figure 1). Or the antenna transmitter, receiver and antenna, Figure 2). Nobody can doubt that the primary coil to the core of anything goes, from the nucleus to the side fighting something that is emitted. Ultimately that connects the primary but the core, the core with the secondary or general transmitter with the receiver is
the disturbance caused to the area from the energy state of matter of electrons.
     (20) SPACE AND LOADS (e-). Wave RADIATION.
   The first condition of Bohr says that the (e-) does not emit radiation when in orbit essential (n 1,2,3,4, etc.) this is not true because if you put a hydrogen atom or another noble gas cooler environment it will emit radiation that is certainly a tack energy (it should not emit heat) but then comes the question, the first shell n1 a person with a large number of G, because it emits X-rays after the oscillation speed (speed of rotation of e - it) is that the frequency with ultraviolet or X-rays? because we wave radiation only when the material increases speed (change state) with greater power, only the period of acceleration and the space required to change state, but it should not we had and thermal radiation emitted unless only the outer bark of the problem of people, and that they take and the internal wave kinetic energy or public education, and this seems to be right. Then when emitted by internal? When increasing the speed of the individual, ie the frequency of the radiation is prospeftontos such frequency that coincides with the speed of an e-shell K, L, M, N, etc. then excite this first cortex increases the width and emits the same frequency (support masers) or similar frequency (laser), and increasing the thermal state of the person taking the cortex by the stimulation therapy.
    (21) THE RADIATION KYMATIKES only on (e-) influential.
All wave radiation owe their existence to the movement (behavior) of the material in the electron (e-= 3D) heat, ultraviolet light, "electromagnetic" waves, etc.
  The motion of particles does not create "electromagnetic" radiation (3D), but only loads (e-). It is the dual nature of light and matter waves, but a single (wave), but we just emfanizome so. 1) is a disorder of the area by the movement of electrons in matter. 2) The disturbance of space (3D) extract electrons from the people or give speed, we say a reversible phenomenon (or the disruption of other charged particles). The venue is the link between movement of electrons, the strap connecting the lever to initiate the material with another material in the vacuum of space, etc. When one moves, transmits the motion of space in the middle of the round (e-) . 1) By changing the characteristics of the space field, that wave. 2) Particle (bombardment of e-). Not kvantomenes radiation, but depend on the speed of each electronic shell that has a frequency of rotation, depending on the item and the level of heat, etc. and this frequency is the radiation emitted or absorbed (eigenfrequency cortex, coordination ). In elements with high atomic number Z, the first track of e-very little reason to pull the large igneous and speeds of e-large when we increase the speed of disturbance of the site then all of a person's first peel and in the external then the inward increase the speed of public education. Suppose the angular velocity of rotation of all flion are the same, then you have all this on a different frequency and linear speed. If a straight line (linear speed) of all e-flion run with speed, they have different frequencies and this seems to be right without excluding different speeds for other reasons, but if you think that the speed of e-is function of temperature, then balanced the diameter of the track with the speed and the pull of the nucleus at least for the valence shells, and thus the linear velocities flion be in the same category of persons and temperature. The people of the flion absorb and emit such radiation depends on the speed of e-their increase in speed means an increase in frequency of each spin corresponds to a circle. Everyone is a transmitter (electromagnetic) radiation wave 3D, those frequencies are the hulls of the e-K, L, M, N, O, P, when excited.


#5   (22) outer bark constantly emit 3D. The linear speed of flion are the same, namely whether to roll put the tracks in a straight line will spend all the same distance, but why all the different diameter and bark have different frequencies of rotation determines the frequency of each crust. Unless the speed would increase by the square as we get closer to the nucleus, or harmonic frequencies of a shell.
   The increase in speed or a bark all bark corresponds to excitation of atom (ionization) or respectively increase the frequency of radiation. The e-peripatetic traveler in the wave energy is constantly emits radiation when it increases the speed of rotation, and decreases when absorbed on the environment (see heat).
This is among flion, depending on each shell element, the pressure exerted on it from various causes the e-A have a rotational speed of the ambient temperature (for positrons do not have many details, though rotating inside the protons or to vibrate an equilibrium position, or if "there."
   The emission of the energy of the e-demonstrated by the following simple way: We take anything eg a coin, it has an ambient temperature of 20 º c, if we put a piece of ice will melt, so to melt the ice requires some energy and took the coin, or put it in -50 º c, it will emit heat until balancing the environment. In this example we see that everything has a relative speed of movement of e-, and with a comparatively low ambient speed, emitting a high and switches to a more probable state, and absorbs a low energy and falls into the most unlikely situation.
   The speed of rotation of all e-flion and all individuals in this temperature and pressure are the same straight line (linear speed) but due to different diameters have different frequency or rotation depending on the item, or the proximity of other elements (
electrostatic repulsion) may have different speed, or reasons unknown. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
    (23) B. WHAT AREA OF MATERIAL MOVEMENT. (Final outcome)
   The barrier of reality and the limitation of not complex. (Final outcome)
WHAT AREA? = We will never know, how it was done by what and why! (There is no comparison)
WHAT IS MATTER? = We will never know what is, how it happened and what happened! (The final is not comparative)
WHAT IS TRAFFIC? = Is the change in the position more than two (separated) masses of matter, atoms, electrons, protons, etc. within the area. Instrument removal or approximation over two phenomena, two quantities matter, two e-, two particles, etc., and then only displays energy, inertia, momentum, when one of two changes position in space.
   When a thing moves a thousand times faster than light without associate with anything else, then we can see that it moves very little upside down or stand still if any, (unless we take the space like a building or moving relative .) isotachi The rectilinear motion of a mass is relative to something more,
Step acceleration or deceleration of another mass drawn from the first.
   If a Soma a car moving at 90 km and another with 100 in the same direction and collide, the collision will be 10 km with only comparative
But with one moving at 10 mm however, the conflict will be with 110, but if you run the same speed and touch, then nothing will happen, so the kinetic energy of the momentum the rest is comparative to the direction and relative velocity in
   Two amounts of matter (people masses, etc.) have to wear this energy between them (0) opposed and two shifting the square.
    (24) The energy, inertia, momentum, speed, centrifugal, the centripetal force is the individual characteristics of the same phenomenon, ie the relative movement of matter in space and time display, and only if at least one the two changes position in space, changing the characteristics of the other (the relative motion or altering the characteristics of the field). The drive has two forms, the straight and curved, (forced swirling, circular). The material balances, it moves only within the relevant fields otherwise smooth line and moved to its initial momentum in the area. It should not be surprised if this thing moving, but why this thing is not moving because everything is moving and nothing is idle.
WHAT TACHYTIS? = Comparison movement of two objects only third property in the area, or moving with unknown velocity. The ratio ranges spent two mobile comparably with third movement relative unknown (or theoretically drive 0).
WHAT ORMI? = The relative speed with which a Soma going to occupy a place in the area, manifested in inertia, or change the movement of another mass, or change the characteristics of a field, then only when the position holds another Soma.

                                  EFTHYGRAMMOS TRAIN AND RELATIVITY.
  The energy of a straight line with any animation Soma speed C, or more of light is relative to another reference system or Soma drive 0, or otherwise, relative to itself is 0, or another Soma moved to same speed and direction of wrestling is 0.
   The inertia (momentum energy) is the result of the relative movement of two points of pain, lumps, etc. in the area.
In detail: A rocket is moving from east to west at a speed of 500 meters per second, and another is still on the ground. For an observer stationary relative to space, the rocket will still move with the earth 500 meters per second eastward, and he moved to the west will still appear on the observer and we are working
    (25) machines in the full house because the one with the power of the engine eliminates the motion which was eastbound when he was still moving in the earth, and the resistance of air moving along but the land to the east. Here we see that no matter which is moving more and more stand, only the relevant relations, and open them again.
  Who missile now has energy, inertia, momentum, motion, one that runs to the west and are working machines that consume energy, or one who stands motionless on the earth. When we say if we keep moving or standing? Everything is relative, it can be a meteorite falls to earth, Pius can say that the meteorite fell to earth, or earth in a meteorite or the solar system, etc. Any change in speed and direction of a straight smooth animation Somma in the space requires another move a Soma faster or slower in the field. The movement within the field is always circular, the inertia displayed then only when at least two objects near each other, no matter most, and required inertia momentum and a movement when at least two separate objects (seconded from other
   The quantity of matter (mass) and the relations of different movement speed or direction determine the inertia of a Soma, is the relative movement of two time quantities of matter, show up when they come, and removed when necessary (when different speed and direction).
                           Rotational motion.
   The rotary motion is relative to the linear motion, they deviate from a straight mass than cohesion forces of matter (from the inner areas of molecules and atoms). A mass to rotate the objects on it want to continue the free linear motion, and forced to deviate from the direct reason of the fields that hold the (electrostatic gravity magnetic and nuclear) and become neutralized when perceived motion (centrifugal) ratio change
the balance and the position.
    (26) or curved or circular motion exists only in the fields, forced a move. The centrifugal and centripetal is the result of the deviation from a straight line. Or reverse two amounts of matter deviating from the rectilinear motion by pulling (centripetal force) from the inner areas of molecules and atoms constituting the material (cohesion of matter). Any change in speed and direction occurs to us as inertia
                                WHAT OSCILLATION (integration of mechanical and electrical fields).
   Oscillation is the sequential change in the position of a quantity of matter in space to change the direction given by the alteration of a field (of linear motion is stored in a circular field of cohesion.)
                               MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL OSCILLATION
   In order to have oscillations requires a mass close to one another by altering the mass fields (electric, magnetic, gravity, and nuclear).
   The inertia of a quantity of material moved relative, and the flexibility of a field that deflects the motion of matter, determine the speed of oscillation of a system of electrical engineering, etc. (The speed of repetition of a situation.)
   The relative motion of a mass of land, change the Features of the gravitational field when it is tilted from the equilibrium position, and Returning to the equilibrium position of the inertia ratio oscillates.
                                      MECHANICAL TALANTOSEIS. (Elasticity)
  The relative motion of a mass deforms the equilibrium position of another particle mass and the electrostatic field exists between the molecules and atoms to the valence e-.
                              How to store the fuel in the fields.
All motion, momentum, inertia, can be stored in the field by altering the distribution of both fields, and when you go back to their original equilibrium position, xanadidoun initiate the mass or masses in the altered with time, contrary than distort the balance without loss of energy (unless the alteration of the altered areas and other features of this matter), but for example, the relative movement takes on a rubber ball from a point A to point B, one from the Field Gravity imparts energy to a massive slab and himself, the plate and ball contact point deformation (the drive is stored in the fields) and because the deterioration of the electrostatic field between the molecules and atoms, and when they return to initial equilibrium position of the back plate and the ball to its original neutral position whenever the ball is thrown up almost to its original position. If there were no casualties, the ball will continuously oscillated.

                              ELECTRIC TALANTOSEIS. (Electric and magnetic field).
   On electrical oscillations (airwaves) the relative motion of e-coil system, space core, capacitor, altering the electrostatic field of the capacitor and the magnetic field coil storing the movement of e-, an electric field in the capacitor, and a
the magnetic field coil.
   If final admit that the universe is distal three things, the space matter and motion, then all other things is the result of motion of matter in space, ie fields and all the phenomena of creation. They are the result of all this. For data fields that we are almost nonexistent, and say here is only suspicion arising from various points of physics,
    (28) With the current data are the following types of fields: Gravity and magnetic nuclear power. All fields occur within the area by the presence of matter at these points, or one can say that altering the curvature of the characteristics of the area in a Single points are manifested to us your fields.
                                                    WHAT CAUSES THE FIELDS.
   A scenario: When an elementary particle, proton, electron, etc. moving rotating around himself (spin) or a quantity of matter is created a field. When two or quantities of material particles rotating at the same time in this axis, or the same level in the site or in a gas or a liquid, then they are attracted and repelled when vice versa.
There are two types of fields, closed or curved, and radial (or so), ie the gravitational field is radial extends from the Earth to infinity, while the magnetic and electric closed curve or bipolar.
   The strength of the field determines the amount saved (energy) movement in terms of people, movement of protons, neutrons etc. In the electron confined in individual great energy in the form of circular motion or spin nucleons (nuclear energy). Matter is energy provision of igneous, each core has the action required for its construction, the provision of energy to nucleons. When split releases (motion) energy provision which translated into the movement of electrons = (heat) and rearrangement of nuclei (transmutation).


#6   electric fields.
   The electric field must come from the spin of e-.
The electric field due to the different chemical compounds, inorganic and organic, from the valence electrons and hold them in the way of provision. The people and the molecules do not touch each other because the e-surround people or molecules, atoms are surrounded by closed shells, and only the valence e-are taking part in chemical compounds. When there is poetry, or a move to the different elements, then the movement spread to the electrostatic field of e-not let them move closer or away.
    (29) a version.
   The e-has a negative charge when an item off a few e-then the element a positive charge, or simple lack of negative? That is, (e +) = positive charge? Or simple show to us as a positive? As a scale that balances putting a burden on the one hand destroy the balance and say it has positive charge and not a lack of negative? (There are reasons for the existence of positron amfisvitoumai).
   If there are positive (e +) then they should be turned down from the negative e-, but the question is what Single revolve around? Ie indicators of a clock rotate from left to right, if they look from the rear are spinning backwards and much more if the system is trillion degrees of freedom.
Magnetic field.
   The magnetic field produced by the movement of electrons from person to person and around the person (magnets) is the vortex of the swirling motion of the space in a uniform.
   Equal to the gravitational field created by the resultant of all fields, or unknown reasons, but it is more likely to be the residual or the outsourcing of the nuclear field from the spin of protons neutrons etc.

(30) <><><><><><><> B A R M A T or T <><><><><><><><>
   The importance of seeing? We hear? The smell? The tasting? Of course not. We perceive only an indirect, yet until now ignored as the sixth sense
   On the occasion of experiments on the fifth American power and the error of Newton's gravity (from local newspapers).
Here's what I wrote in the book of physical conditions (other than the other) to the weight (based on logic) in 1976. And then sent to the media etc. and buried ..... (Except Economic Tachydromos, 10.10.1994 p. 59).

    B R A H T S THE NEW THEORY 1976-1978. New and contradictory findings.
   New experiences, new world of high quality and technology.
   The pull of the earth on a body is proportional to the distance from it. The gravitational field has no time (no closed curve
the magnetic and electric) but extends to the space between the moon and the earth is a point where the pull of the earth and moon are equal and opposite, and the drag is zero.
At two diametrically opposite points of the earth is the attraction once opposed, so at some point eg at the center of the earth, the attraction will be zero due to suppression of the forces, for example, if we were in time and saw two people walking on two instead hemispheres of the earth, then one of them would see him walking around.
  If you open a hole in the earth (a well) and get on the other hand, from the North Pole to the South, and take a bullet for example from the northern hemisphere will fall continuously accelerating to a point, from there ie when passing the center of the earth will begin to slow down because it would amount UP TO and having traveled a distance of one or come to the southern hemisphere will begin to reverse, ie start to fall from the south to the center of the earth and then starts to rise towards the north so Due to the loss of traffic, air abrasion, etc. will eventually equilibrate.
   Here are a few questions: 1), which will stop the ball in the center of the earth to eliminate the attraction of the two hemispheres or in the center of a hemisphere (in 1 / 4 the diameter of the earth) that the focus should be more possible. 2) The center of the earth must be empty, in the absence of gravity and centrifugal force, that the land should be a thick skin, large or small masses of flaming material will move one to one and one to the other hemisphere incoherently for several reasons. What is all this? If indeed such a thing happens then overturned many existing theories, eg the amount of land should not be so in the count, the mass of matter in the center of the earth should be less frequent and not denser, and gravity.
And this applies to all celestial bodies.

                                 NEW ADDITIONS to GRAVITY:
    If hypothetically divide the land into two komatia and apomakrynoume in the center of learning (land) forces of the two hemispheres are equal and opposite as the moon between the earth, so the center of the earth and instrument approach the one or the other so it so we pull over to the 1 / 4 of the earth.
    When we stand on the earth's surface traction forces are all vertical, but nearly ninety degrees on either side of us, north south east west (to put it on you mentally and pulls on Earth radii at all points of the surface) and as plisiazome in
vertical increases the tension, while the north and the south east and west of the tractive force is opposite to the surface we were.
   What I write is not the usual trivial but it is beyond them and inaccessible design and vast knowledge of natural
  THE SENSE OF BALANCE and expand into space, there is neutralized and there are only FIVE ARE KNOWN.
  If we were in time and saw two people walking on two opposite hemispheres of the earth, then one of them would see him walking around.
-What do you think, man, you fall down. -Where under--When we say below ... mean less ... Did anyone fall upwards?
                                                  RAW WEIGHT ... ..
 Every so often we hear talk about the tremendous weight that crushes everything, creates new stars, etc. etc. etc. Is there anywhere in nature RAW WEIGHT? Nobody tells us, without saying that by creating the awesome gravity? Sometimes I wonder vre hopefully I m-fool, frivolous, and others are ashamed to tell me?
  Say your views with your reasoning reserved understand it, but go to humiliate a lot. (There are a wide range of knowledge or physical PARTICULAR BUT ONLY and can not do together if wide areas of knowledge.)
  Gravity is a function of SYNISTAMENIS MUTUAL attraction of matter (or individual nucleons) and the intensity is a function of the masses, but to a large gravity (black holes) to crush everything will be there, even the light must the mass of material is enormous, the incredible density, but there is such material? If homonyms apothountan then there would be no planets.
   The nuclear areas of what appears to be derived from the spin of protons and neutrons, I can not get an opinion if it is closed or open, however, is stronger than it seems, if the electron has a spin move pch.1 energy then the spin proton neutron should be stronger as much as 1800 times the mass of protons neutrons.
                           Photoelectric, thermoelectric phenomena, etc.
The interpretation of this phenomenon and all the visual effects are possible with only the wave radiation.
(Heat, light, ultraviolet, etc.) Failure
explanation of thermoelectric phenomena led to the construction of photons or quanta of mass energy, momentum and oscillation. etc. etc.
   An electron (e-) connect with the positive electrostatic attraction igneous (e +) centripetal force, and competitive centrifugal force generated by the speed of electrons (heat level).
  The speed of rotation (e-) determines the frequency of wave radiation of atoms.
Heat, light, ultraviolet, etc.) Any increase in speed means an increase in heat level and continually increasing the speed we have:
   The posting of an e-person depends on trillion reasons: 1) the force that holds the nucleus, in which element belongs to what shell filled or not, etc. 2) The speed, heat the element to which it belongs.
3) From the prospiptontas frequency radiation (frequency, speed, or disturbance of the site). So when an e-connected loosely to the core such as semiconductors, where the e-connected loosely by flaming (see what is working and how transistors book 2 of the same author) then a speed increase
e-rotation and the centrifugal forces deployed overcome the attraction of the nucleus and posting e-.
   Increased speed is achieved by thermal light, ultraviolet radiation (3D) X-ray, etc. All wave radiation from the (traffic) speed of electrons in the shells (or from person to person = airwaves.)
   (32) The most powerful are linked and both e-frequency radiation should be greater for the posting, and not to have more energy photons, the amount of e-depending on the intensity of incident radiation. When the frequency is very high (X-rays), then in addition to posting and we e-wave radiation emission of very high-speed inner bark of the people by increasing the speed of electrons, and because a faster one in a shell individual is something incompatible, then this shell emits the extra speed (energy) in the form of wave radiation, and treatment through the adjacent bark, because they can not detach e-, simply increases the speed of the electronic transmission is made by
the outer crust, the simple house would increase the speed but the effect of increasing the frequency. If the frequency of radiation is very high and exceeds the speed of the electrons of nearby flion to the nucleus then extracted and e-flion what canteens and so on. When the speed and frequency coordination are the same words, it increases the amplitude of the oscillation. A wave has the following Features: The frequency, wavelength, the direction
the intensity, polarization, and velocity (proportional to the average).

#7          quanta or photons, the theory of contradictions (radiant energy).
                                                           The dark side to the light.
   In the existing theory does not radiate light in a continuous manner at doses as you say pick an amount of energy and emitted from the light source as a kind of projectile that call quanta or photons, radiant energy, and is accompanied by oscillation (frequency radiation) to which it belongs. (High frequency of more quanta.) Question: Photons have mass inertia momentum, or not? We can not take them as having once and sometimes as not having, say, as our interests at will.
   When Einstein quanta each incident where a person posts and an electron (e-) which gives the effect of excluding an amount consumed in the detached (e-) from the individual's structure, and is different for each element and the quantum eliminated.
   By A. Compton (see phenomenon Compton) the photon (quantum) after a strike on (e-) broadcast part of the energy of the whole or (e-) and the photon is moving at reduced speed awry as two billiard balls collide when
. The photon switches to a smaller size and lower frequency radiation (low energy quanta), but it tells us what's going on.
   The two theories do not agree, because in Einstein quantum nullified by the impact of the individual, while A. Compton falls into the lowest quantum energy. Which is correct? This and many more to follow, do very reluctant to admit such a view, and I wonder how many (motor physical) involved in the physical is not up to the following questions and questions that follow.
Those who accept the physical nature of light (quanta photons, etc.) our answer to themselves the following questions: to deny us.
   1) We all know how difficult it is to achieve a goal at the individual level, sends thousands of neutrons, protons (e-), etc. and only a few find their target in person. The quanta of photons that are immediately succeed and find their target
ie electrons? the probability is very little reason to what their conduct.
2) The quanta are particles of matter (energy), therefore they have mass and weight (so they say), the larger the greater mass and weight is, and the lower frequency should be, not to belong to a higher frequency radiation.
   The quanta of ultraviolet radiation have eg twice the mass of the quanta of infrared when in fact it should be otherwise, after the mass increases by the square of the speed of light Einstein. (As the mass increases so will reduce the idiosyntirita oscillation.)
3) The quanta must not be immediate, since a quantum can have different amounts of energy from 0,51 meV or more, and can have various amounts, that is, tmito (and the e-and e +) since they can metastoicheiothoun at higher or lower energy quanta? How then can we talk about basics. Or what are the photons of 0,51 meV since they can be re-implemented? We can not talk about photons of different energy ie mass, but only for different mass differential speed, etc.
    (34) In order to achieve a constant equation of the fast quantum-(speed of light) or had to get a different mass, or a different frequency, but different frequency and the speed things are real and proven, all that remains to be change the mass to justify the unjustifiable phenomena.
   To admit such a theory must not contradict the basic laws of physics such as mass and oscillation frequency, and not vice versa as justification for the photons, ie high frequency of large mass.
4) The thermal radiation that extract electrons from the people? While it is far below the energy of the photons?
5) If we take the photon as a material particle, then emerging from a gap in the middle of the light running at lower speeds, the photon must be running at reduced speed, such a thing does not happen, or how xanapokta it back to its original speed? or passing through many means light running at lower speeds (glass fiber, etc.) at some point we could grab with your hands (like static electricity.)
6) When a strong beam of light emerging from a converging lens, then the focal point of the distance that the very high density and call the package should be some conflict between photons and to direct the diverted and distorted the picture, etc. if they were material particles.
7) Another significant observation is in contrast to the particle nature of light is as follows. How can the light passes through glass thickness of 10 points (or more optical fibers, etc.) as if nothing was wrong, and can not pass a tan with the soot of a candle in one of the surface? Is thousands of times higher. (35)
   The diamond is pure carbon and are transparent and toner itself, but it is opaque. The ultraviolet radiation although they quanta (missiles) very high energy can not spend 1 point glass, while very low-energy projectiles can and spend 1000 points, etc.
8) The secondary of a transformer or low-frequency radio to syndeome a lamp and emit photons between primary and secondary are not transferred photons (quanta) but electromagnetic radiation. If you weigh with a balance of precision and the secondary lamp, after some time (5-10 years) will be the circuit have lost some weight (mass) has emitted so as trillions of trillions of photons, radiant heat (energy), etc. etc.
But is such a thing?
    Or if you put the bulb in a black Soma and measure the photon energy and heat, then calculate the mass of this action, then weigh the secondary and the lamp, to find if there is a deficit of mass. A lens lampitsa transmutation of matter into energy, ie free-hand realization of an electron and a positron energy corresponding to visible light photon and etc. How many positrons are not currently have nuclear reactions within lampitsa? Photons have no mass or ? we can not take them as having once and sometimes as not having, say, as our interests at will.
9) People and matter constantly emits radiation and impartial to absolute zero, which is certainly a form of energy, or quanta do? (See heat sel.52).
10) Two photons of this frequency moving in the same speed, one from the sun and the other from a distant planet but from opposite directions, each one
C = M · C ² one hits the target on one side and one from the other target acquires the action of two photons, if the target and pull the electrons collide with each other, because their energy is not double.
    (36) Relative to the one existing theory, and because the speed of light is constant, the speed is not added, thus no action, if we add the actions you fall in contradiction with the theory. If you add the speed operation is that two photons (or 10 -100 -1000 etc.) is correct, we can not disprove.
We have to admit adding speed and constant speed of light is wrong, if we accept the light quanta as particles of materials, etc. Therefore, the action is: The time and relative motion of two quantities of material masses of people, etc. and added speed, unless we light as oscillation.
11) Energy is a unique and rather mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical, nuclear, (wave), etc. It's on time and moving a quantity of matter, an individual, a particle relative one another, and when you change the Features of the other fields, or space.
   Each photon carries energy E = h · v (E = energy, v = frequency h = 6,625 · 10 ~ ³ 4) therefore act what is it? After the photon say that transports energy, which itself is not power-(a play on words or do not know what we say?) so we can talk about energy must first determine what action, which until now was not but speak of various energy forms and conversions. If the photons are the minimum amounts of energy then: First there should be no different energy photons, but only in multiples of elementary Acker. Second end all forms of energy should be accompanied by the elementary quanta in each case and clearly defined, and not to define momentum and mass to the photons, while a particle to any speed and mass that would bring the same result, kicking a soccer ball
stands we should give and the corresponding quantum energy (the minimum amount of energy.) acquired by the ball.
   Let us accept a case without impurities SKETIS energy e-particles, etc.
   How can energy (quanta) be accompanied by energy (motion), or wants the power itself is energy to move, so do not talk about energy.
    (37) The photons but must move to produce energy.
Then drive the speed the momentum of a photon what? There is energy? A quantum regardless of speed should have the absolute power that his department was not energy, or not to give part of the power of having the same thing STOICHEIODES HOW MUCH ENERGY and therefore is not tmito. The photon is what it is, the photon energy of what? Wrestling or playing with words.
12) There was a motion that the photon or any material element is relevant, and energy movement, momentum and mass with the existing theory (M = E / C ²)
  Why is concerned but a particle (photon) moving with this speed and this address (again) or any material that is idle, no action motion has no momentum, etc. In particle accelerators to increase the speed of the particles increase voltage or process acceleration (time) to obtain eg 500 million electron volts and can reach 1000 with the two sets but opposite direction (although this thought will overcome 1977).
   If the light was particulate material would not require linear accelerators to accelerate the electrons, but two opposite moving beams of light, since photons run of 300,000 thousand and consists of a positron e + and an electron e-
about! Or more if they are at high frequencies (photons c).
   With photons and simply choreis any expense we would have common phenomenon conflicts (division of people?) And we could not see when two beams of light will come on a corner of the ground conflict between them, or change direction, or diaspastotan (implementation photons.) Let us admit that the hand-implementation
a and an e-e + enthoun when reduced to an equivalent effect of two photons each having energy 0,51 MeV, so the above definition defines the energy as photons (or photon 1,02 MeV, implemented in an electron e-and a
 e +) so the other forms of what kind of power is? And how can there
    (38) different forms of energy engineering, electrical, thermal, chemical, etc.?
  A lampitsa lens converts electricity into photons without nuclear transmutation, but what photons; 0,51 MeV, or 1.02 MeV; Nowhere does not tell us what kind of hand-realization become? It to generate photons must exaflopoiithoun electrons and positrons
through the hot wire lampitsas.
   Usually when they say energy particles at least mean relative speed of movement without the express.
13) Two photons are an infrared (low frequency) and an X-ray (high frequency) run with it (the same) speed of light while the one has little energy and other very large energy of each (E = h · v) v = frequency for h = Planck's constant (PLANCK). If the diversion touch each other then you have the energy of a transmitted to another to equalize. The one to increase and the other to reduce the frequency, but why is not such a thing? Nowhere observe such a phenomenon where two different forms of energy always creates a resultant energy and here we are talking about minimum amounts of energy. (How is that possible since it is incremental to have a different energy, let me explain.)
14) If you add electrons (or protons, neutrons, etc.) into a sphere (in vacuum in space away from gravitational fields and centrifugal forces) with an electronic cannon, etc. then this charger with electrons, etc.
If you do the same in a black Soma, then that would be charged with photons, although it was light outside by a wave and particle nature, this is not such a thing but convert heat radiation and re-emit a lower frequency, if the light fell into a Soma that the e-xoterikis the track loosely associated with the person and then we show e-(photoelectric effect). We can not agnooumai so discordant phenomena that contradict the particle nature of light and to support it because apparently "solve" a couple of problems and agnooumai wave to solve the Shopping Cart.
       (39) 15) In modern physics a positron disappear quickly joined by an electron and convert to an equivalent two-photon energy c. In the opening of photons c within the material create three different events which you have the effect of absorbing the energy of photons
or disappearance. 1) The photoelectric effect. 2) The phenomenon of Compton. 3) Implement photon at c 1.02 MeV positron (e +) and electron (e-). The photons are half and half electron positron when they have 0.51 MeV, and can not be achieved again. And the question arises: What are the photons that are converted into or radiation? And where are all these positrons to produce photons at the moment we do not have nuclear transmutation? The sun sends to earth trillions of trillions of photons a trillion years, the land should be have charger and e-e + and there was a surplus or have changed the components of matter. No such thing happens and the positrons and electrons is expensive as there are other elements of the core.
16) Another proof that the light quanta, but it is not clear wave is as follows.
   The range of electromagnetic radiation, including all species of terrestrial heat radiation ultraviolet light Rentekn and rightly so. At what rate and then comes the single quanta, incremental amounts of energy? Eg. a radio station broadcasting in the long or medium wave, I would love to know what kind of quanta emitted and how? Since light only differ in the frequency, speed the process.
Radio waves pass through the barriers that can not pass if the quanta, photons, eg a black paper does not pass the photons, and radio and passed the walls. The airwaves, the ultraviolet, the X-rays or Rontgen, the gamma rays, etc. should not have a continuous spectrum but
     (40) set strict with what we proved above no one can ignore the wave nature of light, while for photons, the quanta to be upset all you say atrantachta arguments with these contradictions.


#8           PERSONS (protons electrons neutrons)
  The man is within limits and could, to the area of complex, REGION OF NON-composer is inaccessible. To be a thing must have PROPERTIES eg weight, mass, inertia, volume, heat, etc. otherwise there is no
  To be a compound which should be composed of other things the same or different bataxi them. In order to change properties, behavior, personality, must be merged with other same or a different device, or other different texture. People are so complex consisting of the same or other things in a different manner and form various (92, etc.) data.
People consist of neutrons, protons and electrons.
   Modern physics accepts: In transmutation, converting a proton to a neutron eliminating a positron (e +), and converting a neutron into a proton expelling an electron (e-). Tie contradiction: 1) the proton is complex. 2) eliminating a positron is neutron. 3) Taking me the (same) resulting neutron and metastoicheionontas the same again expelling an electron is converted back into a proton. 4) the same proton or neutron can give us trillions of positron (e +) and electron (e-) and at the end of the proton or neutron is still proton or neutron is not indestructible. Such a scenario I think the big mistake and should be reviewed. 5) Unless the protons and neutrons consist of the final positron and electron as many weight related to the unit weight
    (41) positron and electron (about 1.838 times) that consist of 919 electron and 919 positron. If the protons of the positron and electron is not complex then what it is and how merging? Here we must make a clarification eg two different liquid droplets merge into a uniform, but if two things are composite particles, then we can talk about merger
but only for a Single Order in space. All the nuclear or chemical compounds are on order. 6) If the protons and neutrons were composed of a critical mass of positrons and electrons, then the removal of a quantity of positrons and electrons resulting antiparticles other particles, etc. All these matters are of course versions.
  The provisions of the rankings and how the composition of the nucleons in the nuclear field to specify the drive OUR WORLD IN THE AREA, and chemicals are also a classification of electrons within the molecular FIELD. The material is converted into energy or energy into matter.
. Energy is a unique and COMPARATIVE! A comparative (relative) TIME AND MOVEMENT OF MATTER IN THE AREA. (Appears only in inertial frames).
  AFTER protons neutrons and electrons enter the imaginary country of hypothetical unproved so far with the data.
What we want is that properties AREA. OR GOD, is the area and properties. Tell me one thing to have and to have no PROPERTIES. In the non-compound say that you want without being considered fanciful.

                          What we see when we see it. The dark side of light.
    That he went through your mind and not told the others. The light and the complexity of the process of vision. We can not talk seriously about things that do not demonstrate objectively. The awesome complexity of the light to simplify the ignorance and the inability of us. The darkest thing in nature after the space is light, then matter and motion. The place is darker because the light contained within it.
What is light. Light is the disruption of the space created by the speed of the electrons of people around the people. To be able to see the world in which we live must be: Every object emits radiation similar wave intensity and frequency or aftofoto either eterofoto is that the speed of 300,000 kilometers per second. Each part must give the appropriate intensity and frequency (color) in all directions. And the final bit of each and every single person must emit radiation waves without being confused with the neighbor. And how much detail we see an object depends on the separability of our eyes or microscopes.
    Suppose in our room reading the newspaper, the daylight coming into the room through the window and the reflection of the building opposite to the illumination of the sun. When we look out the window, we see the building balloons windows bars xanthopous their walls and general all objects, each one of them emits its own radiation intensity of color detail, address, etc. And when we read the newspaper reflected
    (42) light falling on the newspaper loses all the information was broadcast and again with new information from the newspaper, we see that the letters the paper photos etc and we do not see in the newspaper building opposite as we will see if the newspaper was
a mirror. One page of the newspaper can hold to 50,000 letters (elements) that each letter is a transmitter wave radiation, so 50 thousand transmitters emit simultaneously in all directions of this or similar rate, suppose that the letters are white or colored, etc. From any angle, and if we look at the page we see all the letters.
  Each letter is a compound that is a point a man, but a million people and each emits its own radiation. With a focus lens or microscope one letter only, it consists of details, sometimes went without much ink is empty, we see the fibers of the paper's layout, etc. etc. But seeing all these details, then each molecule of each person emits its own color detail separately in each direction simultaneously, so the transmitters are 50 thousand trillion trillion of this is undeniable fact, whether it is terrible and incomprehensible.
     Imagine a square inch of space to have trillions of information in different directions or a light beam outgoing from a converging lens at the focal distance space is given tremendous properties unthinkable, and shoulder is an undeniable fact and reality. Apart from the visible radiation and are invisible: Ultraviolet Infrared TV mobile radio transmitters, the stream of sunlight gravity, etc., etc.
   All those passing by for example a square centimeter of space to all directions without being confused, confuse, without altering the billions of information.
   Electrons = (e-) a wire moving in the people or from person to
    (43) man with the outcome of all radio stations and radiation in the world, and the Soma of man, ie touching with our hand on a radio antenna can catch all the stations of the world if the radio can excite the radiation
them. The more we learn, discover, for light and space, both are darker and more.
   When we look at a star barely visible, you can not see all the star unchanged but the resultant of a very small fraction of the radiation of all persons who are the star, if we had a very large telescope diachoristikotitas (tiny) then we would see a single person the same stellar distance, ie if the star cut in two would see it with half brightness, though to 1,000,000 pieces we will not see anything, but why? Because our resources are not stimulated with lower intensity. If the wave xanaenonoume slowly then you begin to see you again, so the star has not ceased to be simple we do not see why the component of the light coming from a small amount of material was insufficient to stimulate the sensory organs of us.
   In a tack that makes the camera (eg 1 / 100 of a second) and a 2 mm trypitsa some will spend trillions of Information and change the chemical composition in the corresponding molecules of the photographic emulsion of the film without spoiling the confused
information and without the photons collide with each other why congestion.
   The light decreases by the square of the distance as we move away from the source at a distance three times to see the source 9 times weaker, at ten times 100 times weaker so stellar distances and the photons have thinned so much that in reality will come somewhere somewhere and none to us, such a thing does not happen, we always oppose all colors (photons of different frequency) which complicate things. (Of course, photons do not exist ...)
    (44) (45) consisting of all frequencies (mixing colors) suggest
     of white light, so a white surface in the (e-) valence or home
flion not have a fixed frequency (forced) but wander around people with different speeds depending on the free and the frequency (color) who excites or even harmonics, etc.
   While the colored objects (e-) behave in concert with the incident radiation.
  In transparent complicate things a lot more than we can imagine. All these examples show the tremendous capacity of space and light, the quantity, complexity of addresses, the speed of the process and what we are ignorant about the darkest thing, light.
  Photos have two ways: 1) the complexity of simultaneously: Photographic cameras (without analysis.) 2) and the speed of the process: TV video computer electronics, etc. (with the analysis.)


#9   E ----- X P A N O S ----- New theories, Physical considerations high objectivity.
   Philosophy of high quality objective sense.
Specific rather than abstract philosophy.
   Scientific knowledge. Informative and clarifying under consideration .. There needs to be a physicist, time to carry with us, look, and will find, is Sense and nothing more. You only logical treatment. No fantasy scenarios. Time is feeling (experience) and therefore everything else associated with it is fantastic by imaginative, and not hard objectivity. Blossoms the imagination irresponsibility and discover black holes, wormholes, gravity gates of pure fiction, etc. You are facing a great subversive theory (invention discovery) and ask your opinion on whether or not the TIME ..
   What you write (not only for the time and many others) is not the usual trivial but it is beyond them (as possible) and inaccessible design and vast knowledge of natural philosophy, etc. And for people of high quality (HQ).
   Regard for those who respect the intelligence and care beyond the mask, sexual and digestive tract, and whoever does not think the derogatory admits or denies, publish, etc. Outside of human selfishness interests ulterior motives, etc. (what to say
the logic of your science and your selfishness when you have not discovered the lack of time. So far not found a pecific me answer me or did not dare deny etc. There is a NON-fool me understand what I say? (To those who sent me the theories of course.) Nor was no fanciful to talk to us and for negative time or antichrono but only back in time, etc. (Very convenient for the anti imagination).
   If we understood that the motion specify the time and not the time the move. There would be subject to debate on my part.
ITEMS NO TIME! Only subjective. (The time is an experience) and therefore everything else associated with it is fantastic by imaginative, and not hard objective reality. Time is internal subjective sensation (taste like vision, etc.) of comparative thought process of the brain.
It is the comparison of movements (relativity) with the desire of integration in (organic computer) mind of man and recurrent events (rotation of the earth, the heartbeat and general pace of biological process, etc.
   There is no global time, only local reference system sun earth. TIME IS the experience that creates an impatience completion status. Time is internal subjective sense of comparative thought process of the human brain mind or seventh sense (sixth sense is the balance-weight). There is no supernatural, only unknown.
   The result of SYGKRISEOS convenience we called our time, and this is the WRONG U.S.. Time does not specify the motion but the movement YEAR. The thought precedes the desire result. Time exists only at the mind of man.
   Time is the sense of a flow of events printed in memory of our senses. All findings with the data so far led to a universal definition:
   All findings with the data so far led to a universal definition: TO BE THERE ONE THING YOU HAVE PROPERTIES, THERE IS NO FURTHER.
 Time has no properties any entity, not an objective, (unless someone specified) at no time leave marks, but only the traffic flow record events in our memory. This identifies the man they erase the memory or the man dies, there is no time.
   We keep moving (aging) and not the time, that is what is impossible for us I interpret to understand and respond to convince that there is no time that is a concept, feeling, confirm that the watches billion antikeimenikopoioun.
  The watches are comparatively process "fixed" speed and nothing more, compare the speed of rotation of the earth with their indicators, 15 degrees per hour or 0.25 degrees per minute. etc. (The mathematician Hipparchus (190 BC) is the first divided the circle into 360 degrees). And let's "kill" the scientists for the perfect time and existence. Normally the clocks should show degrees, not hours or time etc.
  The time is the inverse of speed, speed benchmarking process, to instantaneous speeds time does not exist.
  Eg. oil thousands of years deep in the earth did not suffer anything from a year if we put a fire in seconds will be converted into its components, because of the SPEED PROCESS it only plays a role. Here we see how time plays no role but only to speed the process.
   Age does not define old age, but the SPEED involved and depends on the programming of the brain from bodies of heredity, etc. If a person failed to plan chromosomes (D.N.A,) in the brain will then be maintain a desired age (18 years) or not to die, etc.
   Science should not be delayed while searching to find ways to stop time, as you how to delay the aging process propelled by medical scientists, etc.
  All theories of physics and the equations include (cosmic spacetime) in TIME, is WRONG and should be revised, because NO TIME is sense experience.

    There is no TIME, ONLY PROCESS speed and anticipation of completion of desire, it creates a single time. Time is the seventh (7th) sense of man, the process required to meet energy needs objective desire etc.
   The result of SYGKRISEOS convenience we called our time, and this is the WRONG U.S..
   Time does not specify the motion but the movement YEAR. The thought precedes the desire result. Time exists only at the mind of man. Time is the result of the process and the limited speed, old age is determined by the normal process of human body which have nothing to do with the speed of the reference system (land helium) in whose played over the effects of acceleration and deceleration only create unhealthy situations and nothing more, on the other movements are concerned, can
   (47) solar system the earth is moving at 1.3 million kilometers per second, etc. related to anything else, or something else, who can deny or to prove it.
   All people born before sentenced to death by the process or the god. The past and the future exists only in the mind of man, only to die. After a moribund but is not knowing when to die expensive, however, exceptions (statistics) will Zissis round of 75, unless the crushed bacteria or home, or hitting any car. Age does not define old age, but the SPEED underway, the time has no substance of how to live a man as you by the biological clock and whether they are smart educated and avoid the unpleasant and damaging events of shorten life.
   Once a person is born has a tendency to grow to be completed by about age 16-20 years, after going through a period of relative stability in the 35-40 and then begins his downfall. If people discover the mechanism that is programmed to regulate the process of development, then equal and find a way to govern by the will, and man can not grow or not to aging, slow growth, at an age and over, eg The process is a time to place 3 or 5 years etc. Giving blood and endocrine glands in the right quantity, quality, and the desired chemical composition, etc.
    their own biological rhythm and are not affected much by other reporting systems, we can not see him as a 4th DIMENSION nonexistent thing, etc. (The error of Einstein for time and wonder what it's time.)
   Whether running at the speed of light or stand that is of no importance, since in order to see the motion of a system must necessarily be compared with another non-existent or real, who tells us, however, if the other mobile or stand, or vice versa mobile and who denies us if the earth to the sun compared to another system that moves at the speed of light down from us, we do not run at twice the speed of light, and yet we see its consequences. To manifest energy, inertia, momentum, speed, centrifugal, the centripetal force, and that one of the two mobiles, should one of the two to enter the field of the other (magnetic, electric, nuclear nuclear and gravity) that can crash one another, or to change was featured in one of two mobiles, then which of the two will roll slowly what time?
-------- Irrevocably THE TIME: -------
   Every day, experience tells us that it is impossible to travel back in time .....- But how to travel back in time, because TIME NO experience is the biological process of human beings. Each new year will be to continue the components of the procedures for our living, we impose the needs of our instincts.
  Time does not flow (runs) in one direction, we are moving towards a direction now in the future leaving the past in memory (irreversible), the irreversible comes from biological processes are not repeated in his mind constantly printing new experiences placed in memory of the order process (sequence of events) and biological process. We can turn the clock back as many times as we want with our minds, with the tapes, discs, books, diskettes, etc. because they repeat all the movements of the process. Everything in our biological memory are printed in a series of process, sequence of events, sequential change of situations, thoughts come one after another and not all instantly.
   If you see a movie today (or city) then printed in our memory for us is nothing new, yet to one who saw her for 20 years is old for us now, to another distant past, and one who is not seeing the future. The brain is either asleep or awake working on a D-speed and we can not accelerate much, nor can we see a dream to hold events in 5 hours 5 minutes, unless stimulated by the subconscious memory of our species that we know and have forgotten or has passed through the bodies of heredity, and we thought that we took all the details, we usually consisting of all the events as we see a familiar landscape that we know all the details, and we created the above impression.
    (49) ----- HOW TO CREATE THE CONCEPT OF TIME: ----- create the desire a state of completion and the process required for this, registration of events in the brain requires a procedure (for the delays in integration), the human brain jumps from one thought to another and not all together metaptoseos instantaneous speed is limited and creates a delay in the completion desire, impatience, waiting, this trend creates the concept of time in the brain, and the greater the desire the greater we feel the time, time, money, seconds, and so what DYSARESTOS. Or when doing a job that pleases us, then we have no desire to completion, and time passes quickly and pleasantly. That's subjective time. The single time it is created with a desire completion status. Also the single of the year and felt the heartbeat to speed the reopening of breath, etc., and general of the sequential change a situation. The brain is working continuously and tirelessly day and night is like a clock with the only difference that it has a constant speed when sleeping or drugged when he stops

#10    (50) conscious function of us felt a single time. Because a single time is a daily event, and we implement the single, it's everyday experience with entity and consequently, it is very difficult to conceive that there is no time as you are single. So many millions of watches worldwide, and confirm the count. The time is the inverse of speed, is the period until the end result, the inverse of the desired integration.
  Some examples: 1) Suppose we have to say what a poem as fast as we can, even in our minds without omitting anything, we see that chiazete a process that we restrict the development of greater speed. The desire, the integration trend, however, act constantly be played until all the functions of thought choice of expression, etc. This creates a uniform waiting time. Although the poem was written to tape or disk we could reproduce very rapidly in time "zero" (there is absolutely instantaneous).
   2) We want to go from Thessaloniki to Athens (= desire) the period is 600 mm (= procedure). Find ourselves in Athens (= effect). If you go immediately, time will be nil, but if you go walking time enormous. If you go by air time will be less.
Here we see that the speed of ear cleaning time.
    (51) 3) Let's go to Athens by car and sleep comfortably without having to wake up
or to see dreams, time will show us osier, if we awake all the senses would make reference to what our brains see what we hear, etc.    and record the sequence of statements then the process ear spiral another year. Or we will be very little time, if a friendly banter or something we absorb, we wish to shift the integration in second priority. Although our trip is not pleasant then all prevails in our minds is the desire of integration, resulting in the hours seem to us years ago.
4) We are entering a vehicle not knowing what it is, and until you hear a song, tell us that we got off, I will certainly have the impression that we are somewhere near, if we say that we are such Australia will be very difficult to admit so lyga events that took place during this time.
   The tendency of the brain to accomplish their wish as quickly as possible is both good and bad results. Good results: Progress in the modes that are increasing the speed and reduce the process route. The electronic brain (computer) to continuously reduce the integration process by increasing the speed, everything is a consequence of the desire of integration in the brain. Bad Results: The pleasure of speed that comes from fulfilling the wishes of the instincts, and as how much we increase both the speed and how much would increase the feeling of supremacy, that excel all others. The evil in some cases many people are killed because of trends instincts.
   Final time is NOT instantaneous result of an integration process, and associated with some degree of rotation of the earth because we as a reference point. That is: time is the procedure (hold) from the function until the result (X = Factor purpose procedure for equal time) These are obliged to admit them to deny.
  Because reality is everything that does not show AS LIE,
either our interests or not. When there is objective evidence of truth, then take it closer to the% the truth and reality.
 He continues to be true a thing until the moment you accept a lie. Disappoint me.
   PROPERTIES which gave the non-existent time: Runs flow front, back, in one direction, straight, absolute, transcendent, relentless, subjective, objective, spiritual, etc. etc. etc.

      (52) G. HEAT
   The heat is a disorder of the space created by the speed of electrons in the orbits of (radiation, thermal state), a form of radiant energy is the result of the rotational movement of the e-round individuals. The electron = (e-) around the peripatetic traveler constantly emits radiation wave 3D, (energy) as opposed to the theory of Bohr. When in stillness simple curves in space no consistent ratio of the spin e-, (static electricity).
   Every atom of matter above absolute zero has a kinetic energy of rotation of the e-, and transmits the kinetic state in the form of radiation wave (disturbance of the site) in the surrounding area. The radiation frequency depends on the speed of e-in orbits. If we take any element, people are in equilibrium with each other, excluding energy environment above absolute zero. This element of a cooler environment will emit higher frequency radiation, and on a warmer environment (most high-energy) will be required to absorb kinetic energy to be equated with the environment.
    (53) In an environment identical to his and emits and absorbs energy, have the same rotational speed of e-. Here we see how the matter is between a link at any time update on what's happening around the attachment in this case is the thermal radiation, there are other links such as gravity loads - or + (electric field), the magnetic field of 3D, the light etc.
   An action if any impact on this element will necessarily change state and will fall into another more energy (stimulation). Each kinetic energy imparted in any form, ie the inertial wave (particle) to convert the final speed of electrons, and general condition of the kinetics of atoms. Higher speeds result distract the external e-flion, and even more, from closest to the heart, skin, etc. To explain the thermal conductivity of metals, insulators and gas alone is not enough kinetic energy of molecules or persons transmitted from the warmer to the colder area. 1) The molecules or atoms can not touch each other before the e-. 2) The heat is transmitted within the gap, but how it spreads? Only if you face: How the heat is a disorder of the space created by the speed of electrons in the e-orbits, or from the kinetic energy of the nuclei and the general electrical loads of people who transmit wave.
The solid to liquid and gaseous state of matter is determined by the thermal situation in which (speed e-), and the pressure exerted by the proximity of others.
   The higher speed is a Soma a one particle a mass e-so, etc.
    (54) and the heat will set the target will be longer and provide more speed on the track, e-. The faster the area disturbs a particle, and so the energy emitted will be greater, because in point of time would have more disorders related to the environment.
If you are in an environment identical to his, and emits and absorbs energy,
receives so many disturbances emitted, and it switches to another position higher or lower, but if it transmits and receives 1000 disturbances 500 then loses kinetic energy, and since 2000 whether it will increase the kinetics, as will increase or decrease the speed of a object when found in a stream of air or water, etc. at different speeds, it will eventually balance the speed of the speed of electricity, as there are motor and when the other has more mass.
   Rotating the e-core emit continuous wave radiation (energy)
and at some point will have to drop the e-core, this is not because it takes the energy lost by the environment (universe oscillates at room temperature), not a small object that fell into the river to run less by him or more.
   To detach an e-that person depends on three things: 1) the power held by the person (individual components) or a longer track belongs. 2) The speed of e-(thermal power stations - the speed of rotation). 3) The frequency of the radiation prospeftontos if osier greater then convert to more rotational speed of e-(increased heat level), it is much larger then extract e-, (the light has a very high frequency radiation than is necessary to posted an e-some metals, see thermal emission e-).
   The speed of e-posting depends on how strongly associated with the nuclei of atoms, and by whom the bark breaks off, though very close to the nucleus then the speed of e-should be longer because you have to go through the last crust or to obtain all of the latest e-cortex.
    (55) COMPRESSION AND HEAT discharge.
                                                    Mechanical explanation of all phenomena.
   When we rub our hands when grinding any object, increasing the speed of e-(heat), and seconded by betraying e-it (static electricity). When you hit an iron on the anvil is heated.
When you compress a gas is heated, not because of friction, but for reasons of increased speed of e-smaller diameter rope to the (concentration of the track) because they oblige people to approach nearer to each other that their diameter is usually determined by neighborhood, others to shrink, miktoteri diameter means an increase of the speed of e-, because the linear velocity must remain constant, thus increasing the radiation frequency comparative to the previous condition. A simple example is what the acrobats in the circus, they are skating, etc. After giving a rotary motion begin to revolve slowly at the beginning and then quickly, and would normally have to start quickly and then slowly due to energy losses. Ever wondered why is it "backwards?" Because when we have open arms to paint a diameter of eg 2 meters in circumference and running speed for example 3 meters per second, bringing the hands near the Soma, the linear velocity of the hands should be remain stable, because it may reduce the speed of a mobile because of inertia (momentum) and having run faster on a smaller diameter increases speed by deleting smaller circles with the same linear speed.
    (56) Another example: A gear has 100 teeth rotates with 10 rpm, and another with 10 teeth will turn a tenfold speed, ie 100 rpm, and the first and second if you put them to roll in a straight line will running the same speed, the small but will rotate with tenfold rapidity.
  Let's get back to people, if the speed of e-determines the frequency of disturbance of the site, then the person will emit higher frequency comparative to the environment, and because the environment will absorb will be treated with it, and the speed of
e-will be as much and the environment but on a smaller diameter orbit. If we now let the compressed gas to come to the initial pressure, then the orbits of the e-will return to its original state, because there would be repelled by the electrostatic fields of the nearby people, who have now been removed. Speeds but the e-is reduced by means of low frequency disturbance area, so the gas is colder comparative with the previous situation, and will absorb energy from the environment, so it is heated and the environment to psichete . This phenomenon fully utilize all the refrigeration equipment (electric refrigerators, etc.). Whether explaining the phenomenon with the childish theory of Marion.


    The thermal motion of locomotives and general any movement, chemical reactions, combustion, etc. are not subject temperature on molecular movement from hot to cold in a direction it is believed, but on pressure from the heat due to an increase in the volume of material in
this site. The largest project that could produce a material that could be had in a smaller volume before transformation and the largest after (a solid or a liquid substance with a small volume, and greater after the burning of a gas.) The Cold air compressor or a cylinder with a compressed gas producing project initiation through difference, etc.
    (57) temperature (or rather a cold gas produces work traffic to warmer surrounding it, simply and only because he wants to occupy more space than before (because it increases the diameter of the orbit of people, like compressing a spring and then leave
   If on the other side of the piston of a steam engine put as much pressure cold air and steam it will not produce any work, whatever the temperature difference between the pressure and let the steam molecules are killed in traffic and we hit the wall of the piston as they want, and if we put more pressure will be compressed and the molecules of steam. I can not understand many physicists involved in these phenomena were only grab? Or did not exist then compressed gases at room temperature?
   A pot of boiling water but does not uncovered any pressure on the walls of the vessel or the steam or water and we have a kinetic energy of 100 degrees, why not hit the walls of the container? Because "happened" to be uncovered? And if the lid is then only creates pressure? I put a drink in an empty pot of boiling uncovered after a while both have the same temperature but different pressure, the molecules of the closed container will hit the container walls and the open will make the suckers! I knew I wanted to tolerate such an infantile theory and teaching in schools and on television, etc.
   In these examples clearly show how naughty motion of molecules is not exercised any pressure on the walls but only increased the volume of liquid gas, etc. from the expansion of atoms and molecules. The pressure of cold compressed gas can also produce energy (gas turbine compressor, etc.) The physics we know that the expansion of the gas needed some work, some energy, which in our case will heat the same dose of the gas cooled and then will absorb the surroundings through radiation or by treatment. In the first case, the compressed gas to produce relief work and wants to second for the same reason also, then that is the same to produce the Project when it wants energy (absorbed energy).
    (58) The atmospheric pressure is another form than that of a cold steam or compressed liquid gas, etc. and creates pressure? On locomotives in internal combustion engines in compressor explosions, etc. The drive energy is supplied by the pressure gradient rather than temperature The temperature is the reason that expands the molecules and atoms thus increasing the pressure in this area because he wants to occupy a larger space to balance with the environment.
   At the individual level: The external power increases speed of e-in their orbits, the velocity increase creates centrifugal force, the centrifugal creates increasing the diameter of the road of e-, resulting in the expansion of population and the increasing volume of (expansion point) and the pressure from the electrostatic repulsion of e-people and each other.
Final heat is the result of the comparative speed of e-core or a component, etc.
Universal phenomenon KYMATIKIS RADIATION. (New Theory)
   For items with loose tie molecules eg as water begins to evaporate the water to break the bonds of molecules and then boil until the whole exhaust. If we increase further the energy increases and the frequency wave radiation (infrared) and then start propels e-(thermoioniki electron emission) from the metal. The above increases, further increases the speed of e-(increasing frequency radiation) breaking the ties of metals (melting), light, ultraviolet radiation, etc. Because now take part in e-flion how close to the core operating smaller wheel diameter. Any further increase the heat around and what distracts nearby flion electrons can reach thermonuclear division.
    (59) Individual engineering. An electron is connected with the electrostatic attraction of the nucleus (centripetal force) and centrifugal competition posed by the speed of electrons (heat level). The electron = (e-) around the peripatetic traveler constantly emits wave radiation (energy) in contrast to Bohr's theory, every spin is a period (frequency) wave radiation 3D * distort space. Transfer of energy we have in two ways: particle and wave and printed another.
   If you analyze this theory seems, then explained all the unexplained aspects of physics. Any increase means an increase in heat level and continually increasing the speed we have: 1) Cooking water bond break points, 2) melting metals and emission of infrared radiation, 3) thermoioniki electron emission (electron tubes), 4) visible light, 5)
ultraviolet radiation, 6) X-rays 7) In extremely high temperatures have thermonuclear division. 8) The solid liquids and gases. 9) Why when a compressed gas when heated and relieve psichete (diesel engines power an air conditioning refrigerators, etc. 10) How can you compress a gas and the friction of the molecules to emit waves of thermal radiation (infrared) (airwaves etc.).
                                                        TRUTH OR LIES.
   The final outcome of any form of energy as a first approximation the thermal radiation, or increase the speed of electrons and protons or neutrons, etc. and radiates to the surroundings with constant migration speed to balancing the environment, the environment is increasing the temperature . Everything in the universe tend to equalize the heat of the remote empty of matter, energy sources that are spunky studs tend to increase with energy (the motion) emissions, and a time when the suns of the universe would not act then temperature in the universe has grown to a level, then all will have this thermal motion (speed), and then stop and open relationship that determines the energy, the next and any form of comparative traffic outside the momentum of matter (the idle), which is stored in a motion in the universe. But since it will partly be compared then it is like not there because everything is relative,
    (60) are always compared to something else.
The action or inaction is nothing other than the relevant time and motion of matter in space. Everything is a related form of movement from it. But such a conclusion is reasonable and probable rather proven. Proven is the fact that we exist, the world, the universe, etc. Then there is the question that made all this found a terrible amount of movement (energy) released by the sun and spend so irrespectively.
   The only thing we can do in front of such a conundrum is to speculate without ever finding the truth, because we found we can not to prove. Thus only cases we can do, which is likely from another, how much closer to the truth. One possibility is when all this gain speed then the universe with the mass will come in coordination and because there are no losses will explode once again creating all conditions
its creation. Under conditions of coordination (without loss) takes tremendous energy intensity. If space is infinite without end, without boundaries, without end, (you can imagine such a case or a case with a wall) then the radiation emitted by all the suns will eventually encounter in their other marketing Soma to the heat and travel in space without ever encountered anything or return (reflexes). So the matter and all the planets in the universe will cool the ground radiation, so that the electrons or all of the ingredients of people will stop any movement (absolute 0). Coming matter at absolute zero (complete lack of movement may occur in such circumstances that now do not exist or can not imagine that again repeat the cycle of creation. Now how and why they should be resailed having once been made by repeating the conditions and situations creation that is another issue that I do not mind.
   Related is something comparable, something that for there to be something to have some property there must be something else to compare it to correlate to put next to him and to see the differences, etc. there are always
comparative to humans. If a man die, then there is nothing.
   Suppose you sit in a sidewalk, with all the comparative properties we were real objects, but comparative to the people who are in a car that goes up we go down, with a comparative goes down we go to up, and comparative to a car parked we were real, which do three things simultaneously, and we stand and go and come. If you want to calculate and the other moves are made simultaneously with the earth around itself, around the sun or the movement of our solar system or the movement through the galaxy in the universe, etc.? That move and are comparative, then we find that ultimately did not know if we stand if we go or whether we, if we fall up if we fall down, etc. There is no motion inertia momentum speed again rest mass without association, without an associate with other materials, mass a person so they do the same speed and direction, because if you have, then there is no link to open that determines its existence. One thing I always travel with comparative anything that has a different speed and direction, it moves along with one another, and it moves the same speed and in parallel in the same direction it is stationary.
    A car runs at 100 km comparative to the ground, and another parallel with this, a comparative with the other buildings are like two cars tied together.
    (62) A car, bike, tanks, wagon, running at 30 km Question what parts of these run with 60 mm and which do not run at all? Points of the tire tread to the ground or the chain of tanks, do not run at all. The signs of the wheel located at the top or chain of tanks, run with 60 mm course all relative to the ground.

   From what to what likely unlikely unlikely. The possibilities and potential relationships and how unlikely.
 Everything is tending an unlikely situation in which a potential (at this stage now passes the universe). Each transformation of an impending transition to a situation which likely, present a motion (energy), and every possible situation that convert to B or B wants a say in the unlikely move energy etc. What possible state of matter that seems to be that of absolute zero , and how unlikely it is that of Ilia with tremendous energy release.
   To be a possible state must have the appropriate infrastructure probability, ie, an apricot is impossible to draw kids cars nylon, etc. But probably pull plums. One possible situation depends on another possible where it is located.
Unlikely Probability.
    (63) Some examples: A car and a moving stand, what is more likely to crash onto the other? Course that mobile and very little to stand. One who lives on the mountain that is difficult to move and the kids, the probability of hitting the car is very unlikely, therefore, one who lives in town, what chance is so large as how many cars have, and how much as move. Fall from a cliff but it is somewhat unlikely in the absence of rocks in the city. Before the cars ever discovered no one was killed in a car, then pressed their carts and animals, so our chance of hitting cart where there are no carts, is unlikely. People regulate the myrrh and ointment, not the people.


   If a ladder with a hundred steps is a ball in a ball, etc. fiftieth step, is more likely to fall to 49 than to climb sto51. To rise to 51 if it wants energy and lowered returns the energy is (for altering the gravitational field), if the ball falls into the first step, ie the land on which a possible situation, but this is relevant because there may next have a well and even fall into what possible situation.
   Everything tends to what amazing what a probable reason, however, the unlikely possibility, there is a phenomenon which goes by the improbable possible in what situation, ie achoume activation of an exchange between what's possible and how unlikely, for example we have a ball at 100 kg cm step and fell to 20 flicks a ball 5 kg cm step. All of the incredible situations on Earth are made with the energy of the nail, how improbable the possibility, for example by heating a piece of ice from the environment, or the sun, or the conversion of solar energy to the mechanism of photosynthesis in converting chemical energy
an inorganic material in which a remote in organic. Ultimately, however, regardless of the different transitions, everything tends from an unlikely situation in which a probable.
   Everything stem derive their energy on the degree of probability from an unlikely possibility, creation.
    (64) ---------- -------- CONTENTS H - H The T U S - K AI - P I T A N A T or T A S --- --------------
   Fate is to predict the non-existent? Therefore, to win the lottery is just how the probability hundred participants, with one, two, one hundred lottery tickets, etc. that if two lotteries have the same row with different numbers and the series has one hundred thousand tickets (numbers) then the luck we have two chances in a hundred thousand.
  Taking all lotteries in the series then he did not want luck to hit bottom like an octopus, you win and the first and second and ending and paraligontas etc. And there is no chance of not winning. If you do not get the chance lottery win is one in 100 million, how is this done, one can lose a ticket and find us (lucky mountain). There is no fate but ONLY POSSIBILITY. Your fate is to drop the first number in the American lottery here in Greece without losing any lottery that you've found me

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