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Speaking with an expert about youth violence

By Spiros Tzelepis

An interview with Doctor Roberto Hugh Potter, Behavioral Scientist Youth Violence & Suicide Prevention Team

When I was looking for statistics about Youth Violence, having in mind an article on this issue, I addressed to the Youth Violence and Suicide Prevention Team asking for help. To my surprise, I received a quick response with all the information I needed in a very polite message which encouraged me to ask for further help. Working on the article, I realized that an expert's opinion would be very helpful. This is how I thought to ask Dr.Potter for this interview.

  1. What is your role in the Youth Violence and Suicide Prevention Team and what is the purpose of this project?

  2. Which country has the highest percentage of youth violence?

  3. Is there any differentiation between developed and developing countries regarding the frequency and mainly the kind of violent actions committed by young people?

  4. From you experience, at what age do most young people begin to behave violently?

  5. Which are the most common violent actions committed by young people?

  6. We know that it is very difficult to speak about the reasons for this phenomenon since they are many and they are interrelated. But, if you have to distinguish the most important reason, what would this be?

  7. If you were to remember an experience you had because of your past, which would this be?

  8. As a behavioral scientist what would you say to young people today, and mainly to their parents?