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Children's proposal on the action of relief agencies and NGOs

This topic, which is ever-lasting and is always in the centre of our attention, is of course the situation of children around the world and what can be done to help them. So, this time, we leave our past "attitude" of presenting the problems to the world audience and we give children from all over the world the chance to say what Relief agencies can do in order to improve the lives of our fellows especially in the developing world. At this point, I should point out that the topic was kindly provided by the CUNNY foundation, an organization that will use this survey for a publication to help NGOs in their work. If i was asked to sum up the results of this survey to one phrase, I would say that eduation plays a key role in improving the situation of children. Closing this brief introduction, I would like to say that some of these pieces were written by children who have suffered in the past, so they know what exactly needs to be done in order to help; that's why their voice must be heard. They know better what they need, so let's give the word to them.

The question that was posted to the children in order to compile the survey was:

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