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What can be done to protect children

by Jubilee R Tasha, Uganda

Ignorance is destroying societies

Relief and development agencies can do a lot to protect the children in local communities since they are within the localities and familiar with the social behavior.

To avoid the recruitment of children by armed groups, these agencies should stand out and educate the children about their rights and what to expect when they join such groups. If possible these agencies should fight to see that the constitution puts a limit to the age at which a person can be recruited.

As regards separation of children from their parents, the relief agencies should educate the parents on the advantages of staying with children and how it boosts their morals when they live with the whole family. For children who are traumatized, counseling would be the best solution hence should train persons to handle such cases.

To protect children from sexual abuse, relief and development agencies should educate the children about this phenomenon and encourage them to report any cases to the police. A warning to the parents and other members of the society should be issued, strict laws and heavy punishments should be put for abusers.

The use of landmines results in disabilities of children and other members in the society. The children should be taught how to distinguish landmines and stay away from them.

The only way to protect children from persecution is when they know that they are being persecuted and then they can stand for their rights. Relief and development agencies should support any children who stand for their rights.

As we all know, children at times can become unrully and in such cases not much can be done but if these relief and development agencies talk to these children when they are still young, then they will be aware of the dangers involved in gangs and hence will be able to understand what they are getting into.

Now getting down to earth, ignorance is destroying societies and if relief and development agencies can take the burden of educating the illiterate, then this will make a very big difference.

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