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Diffuse knowledge and information

Sumiran Tandon, India

Some steps that could provide a solution to the problems faced by children

For years people have been fighting for children's rights and protection. Many organisations came forward, many relief agencies were established. But yet these threats are still menacing the innocence and childhood of many children either physically or psychologically. Relief and developmental agencies are working hard to get rid of these threats but they should widen their reach. Forced labor is very common in Asian parts though it is spread all over the world. Relief agencies can organise young scouts who can spread information and inform their authorities about the forced labor and exploitation in neighbourhoods or even in places where adults cannot reach. These young scouts can raise awareness about issues like forced prostitution, child exploitation and forced-labor. People should be made aware of the "Rights Of Children" and the severe punishments the culprits can be sentenced to.

In many families, small children aged between 2 and 17 years are going through sexual abuse; this is unknown to their parents or relatives either because they are very small to understand what is going on or their parents aren't available for their needs. They are even psychologically tortured so that they become introvert and scared to tell anyone anything. Organisations can build Homes or arrange small clinics for these children who have suferred trauma of sexual abuse or exploitation; there, they can be treated by well-known specialist psychiatrists. For this, lots of knowledge has to be imparted to the parents so that before anything happens to their children, they can talk to them and make them cautious of it. They should be able to make their children understand basics such as if anyone misbehaves them (even if any of the relatives acts wierdly) they should avoid him, shout or tell their parents immediately about it.

But first organisations can work on programmes consisting of groups which can either go around to homes and talk to the parents about this or they can open some websites where good psychiatrists are available online either to help sexually abused children or to track them down and contact their parents about it.

In many countries when there is a necessity for a larger army, children are used as soldiers. These children, as they are without much training, easily either die or they've to live with disabilities for their whole lives. But, organisations which are acting on this issue should further create a programme with which they will help these children, so that they feel a solid and helpful part of this society. They can open schools or institutions for them, where they can work according to their abilities. There they can even complete their studies.

Many small children get injured by landmines and their fate forces them to stay disabled for their entire lives. Relief agencies can help these children to be self-sufficient citizens, who can work for themselves and can be accepted by this society as any other normal resident.

Nowadays, at many places gangs are being formed by children aged between 11 and 17 years and adults. They are dangerous and criminal based and they carry out dangerous actions like: chain snatching, shoplifting, lootings, working and murdering in exchange for money, smuggeling of guns, bullets, drugs etc.

For this, organisations should again make parents aware of the fact that they should be well informed about the money used by their children.They should know exactly where is their money going and how it is spend, where their children go and what kind of peole they interact with. Groups can be spread to find if these gangs exist and it can be then disclosed to the police.

Also, children are being recruited by terrorist groups. NGOs can keep an eye on these small gangs and they can impart this kind of knowledge to the backward regions and areas where there are 80% chances of these children to get involved in illegal or terrorist activities. They can let out scouts to these areas and make the people understand that those terrorists are only using them and their children. Moreover, people should understand that they need to cooperate with the police on such issues.

On the whole, what really NGOs can do is to diffuse knowledge and information about the situation in the world. Especially parents should be aware of this and they should provide their children with adequate knowledge.

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