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Taking care of the street children, a major priority for Botswana

Children from Botswana

Relief and development agencies can play a vital role in stopping a number of unjust things happening in our society

Due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, there are many children who are left as orphans, with no one to take care of them and in response to this, most communities have found necessary to open some organizations which can help with the upbringing of these children. Homeless kids found roaming in the streets and those whose parents denied the responsibilities are took to be raised and taken care of in these places. In Botswana, we have non-governmental organizations like SOS which is located in a town called Tlokweng. Children in this place are kept until they are older enough to live their life on their own and they now know their responsibilities. These are also Non-governmental organizations like the Red Cross which donates food and clothes to such children. This organization asks for donations from people in the community and give the little amounts they collect to these kids who are raised at communities like the SOS. The Child line which is also a non governmental organization in Botswana ensures that these children's rights are respected and whether they get all what they deserve and if not, there are certain punishments for those who don't respect them. And I am recommending that such organizations must be developed in countries where there are the same problems so as to ensure that all children worldwide enjoy their childhood stage by being given all the emotional and material support they deserve.

by Maipelo Thamage & Kagiso Machailo

In third world countries, there is a serious problem in which street kids get involved in dangerous gangs and criminal bands. This is what Relief agencies can do in order to overcome the following problems:

They can collect all those children and take them to social workers to tell them about the dangers or effects of getting involved in dangerous gangs and criminals. The other point is that the government is trying hard to build schools and food for them to survive, e.g. in Botswana. There are some organisations in Botswana like SOS which provide shelter, food and clothes for the children and also Botswana Family World Fair Association (BOFWA) which helps poor families to get on with their lives by providing them with food especially during drought and tents during floods.

By Lorato Molosiwa, Tshepang Poloko, Botshelo Mosinyi, Gofaone Sekwale & Thabang Tladi

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