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Success: the journey counts more than the destination

By Spiros Tzelepis

We commonly refer to success as something that brings happiness, joy and often relief to us. But what is success? Success is the fulfilment of an aim that someone has set off to achieve. Consequently, success is a subjective and personal concept, which is different for each person. We all pursue and often achieve success but from our point of view for what success is.

However, what is the importance of success? Again the answer to this question is subjective; some people care about success and pursue it for their entire life and others pour scorn on it.

In my opinion, undoubtedly success is important and I can say I am one of those people who pursue it in life however, I do believe that perhaps the most important part of trying to achieve something is the effort itself rather than the actual result. The point is not to stop pursuing our target even after a possible failure.

No matter how hard we try, we will never be able to achieve everything we want; life is not only succeeding but also losing and admitting our defeat. Nevertheless, achieving something means doing a lot of effort, learning to comply with rules and often changing some of our habits. In spite of our success or defeat, we can learn a great deal of things from the effort we make and we can become better. What comes out of such an effort can help us succeed in the future if not now.

From all the above, it is clear that the effort matters. If we have done everything we can for something then we shouldn't be worried; even if we don't achieve it, we are able to tell ourselves and everyone that we did as much as our capabilities were and despite our failure, the effort we made has taught us many things and we will be better in the future.

There is an extract from a Greek poet, K. Kavafis, which I like very much: "if you find Ithaca* poor, it has not cheated you. With all the wisdom and knowledge you have gained you will be able to understand what Ithaca means in life".

The poet stresses the fact that we gain wisdom through our effort to achieve something. The target itself may be of less importance. The journey counts more than the destination.

*Ithaca is each one's goal in life

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