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A note from the creator:

Although the purpose of this website is completely different as mentioned in the About section, I have decided to include some of my writings on Greek History because I believe that it is important for my readers to know the place I come from. Given the fact that the place where we grow up influences the way we see things and is a major factor in the formation of our personality, I think that the visitor will find it easier to approach me and my writings if he knows my country and culture. Since July 2002, the site has become international so the answer to the question "why is this section still here?" is at the About section.


Greece is located at the South-East of Europe and it has borders with Turkey at the east, Bulgary, FYROM and Albania at the nord, and with Italy at the West. Athens, a city with more than 3.5 million residents, is the capital of Greece. It is a country with great natural beauty as well as a long and glorious history.

Sunset at Santorini, Greece (© photo:Spiros Tzelepis)

Ancient History

With the first signs of human activity over its territory dating back to the prehistory, Greece became the center for many civilizations, firstly the Cycladic during the prehistoric times, then the Minoan, the Mycenean and lastly the Ancient Greek great civilization whose monuments are spread all over Greece and millions of foreign visitors come every year to see them. The Ancient Greeks put the foundations for almost all sciences like medecine, physics, mathematics and philosophy. The Ancient Greek civilization was at its peak in the 5th century BC and continued later until the 1st century BC when Greece was conquered by the Romans.

Ancient Olympia, Palaistra (© photo:Spiros Tzelepis)

After the Roman conquer, Greece lost its power and glory, but the Greek spirit and civilization influenced the Romans who imitated it and this was the start to the Greek-Roman civilization which became the base for the whole European culture and civilization.



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