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Focus on the Olympics

The year 2004 is an Olympic year. But these Olympics have special value because it is a unique chance to enjoy the Games in their birthplace. Of course, Youth Concern couldn't stay out of the latest developments. Therefore, we decided to group material that has been gathered through the 6 years of the creator's work in online journalism. During this period, we have experienced the Sydney Olympiad and on various occassions the creator had the chance to discuss and interact with people from the IOC. The material is now presesnted as a whole under the title "Focus on the Olympics". First of all we have a presentation of ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympics. At this point we should note that many visitors to our webside have found this piece very useful because they got to know this place. Then the reader can enter a series of interviews and articles sheding light on issues like dopping, volunteerism and more.

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