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The ravages of time

By Spiros Tzelepis

It is supposed that this should be a very pleasant piece, full of happiness and joy, speaking about the coming of the New Year, about the hopes people have and about wishes and all these things we use to repeat every year. Most of these words have lost their real meaning and have become typical and "worn out" due to repetition and misuse. However, I do not like to walk in the known paths and some times I like being "subversive" in some way, given the fact that I do not share the belief that this division of time has any meaning.

So, I thought to leave my photos speak about the ravages of time. Time ruins people, ruins everything around us. A Greek poet wrote, "time, the impetuous sculptor of people" - O. Elitis. Although very pessimistic, the phrase describes in a poetic style the truth about the world around us. The wrinkles on people's faces are the undeniable evidence of our weakness and vanity.

The ravage, the old age, the death of everything in nature reminds that we are perishable. Nothing can escape from this rule of nature. The bright colour becomes fade, the strong becomes weak, the rust corrodes even iron; as time passes people and objects are gradually "put out of commission".

Iraklitos, an ancient Greek philosopher, said, "everything flows (changes constantly) and nothing remains the same". We should remember this often in our life and in some way act according to this fact.

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