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Four images-four moments of my life

By Spiros Tzelepis

Feelings and memories connected with my photos

1.The lonely little tree in this lake with the unique colour of the water created such a peace in my mind that I will recall it every time I feel stress and anxiety.

2.It was a hot noon of the previous July when I arrived at this remote place. There was no road beyond this place and when I got out of the car I had the feeling that I was at the end of the world. There was not any human presense; only the sound of the waves and the wind surrounded us. All our senses were open to receive the light, the images, the smells and the sounds of nature.

3.We were coming back from a tiring one day excursion when we came across this fountain. I will never forget how relieved we felt drinking this cold water and then resting under the trees next to it. I think that this was the most tasteful water I had ever drunk.

4.We arrived at this place in a summer evening in order to pay tribute to one of the most important moments of Greek History. I do not know why the image of this tree was impressed on my mind. Perhaps because it gave me the impression of someone raising his hands to reach the sky.

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