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International Olympic Committee's official attitude towards the doping issue

Patrick Schamasch, Medical Director of IOC, explains the doping issue to our readers.

Having in mind that the Olympics is a very big sports event and knowing that doping has caused many discussions in the past when some athletes had been accused of being doped, I thought to contact the most appropriate person to speak about this issue, the Medical Director of the IOC, Dr Patrick Schamasch. What follows is the result of this communication:

Dear Spiros,

You are right, we are quite busy at this time. However, as education is one of the key of the fight against doping, I will try to provide you with some answers to your questions.

  1. What is IOC's official policy towards the doping issue?

  2. What are the main reasons athletes dope?

  3. What is the percentage of athletes who dope?

  4. Does the IOC support anti-doping research?

  5. Can you tell us a characteristic case of a doped athlete?

All the best

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