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Survey: Children talk about AIDS in their countries

It was only some years ago when people avoided even talking about this horrible disease which marginalized the victims from society. As the years passed and the scientific research progressed, it was well understood that there is only one way to fight against this disease: prevention through making people aware of it.

Therefore, until a treatment for the disease is found, it is clear to everyone that the only available means to face it is one: to ensure that the public is well informed enough to know about how to protect themselves. So, as the time passed, people stopped speaking secretly about it and understood that:

  1. If parents want to protect their children, they have to talk to them and make them aware of the disease.
  2. If the state wants to protect its citizens, information projects accessible to young people must be initiated.
  3. If the society doesn't want the victims to be on the fringes of it, all citizens must be sensitized (the fear and the hatred act like a boomerang most times in the society: if someone feels marginalized then he/she gives hatred in return).

Having these thoughts in mind I posted the following questions to my friends:

  1. What are the main reasons young people are infected by HIV/AIDS in your country according to your opinion?
  2. Are there information projects accessible to young people in your country? Is there any information available to young people through school?
  3. What is the people's attitude towards AIDS victims in your country?

Here are the responses given to the above question by different young people about the situation in their countries:

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