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The cause

This site was created with the aim to show what capacities young people have and what they can do. I want to propagate what a young person can do and declare to all those people who blame us that we are here,that we have dreams, ambitions, creativity and imagination. Writings included in this website are some samples of my work (which counts around 100 pieces) and they have been written during a period of 3 years. Should this site become inspiration for other youth to do something on their own, then I feel that it has succeeded its mission. Starting from July 2002, a new era begins for youth concern. It is marked by the complete reconstruction of the site which obtained more sophisticated webdesign and the content was enriched with contributions from my numerous friends. I had always been thinking about this expansion and I felt that the best way to fullfil it was to include some surveys which have been compiled by me with the help of other children from all over the world who reported the situation in their countries.

By including selected items of work which cover varied topics, I hope that the site can cater for all tastes and provide a global cultivation to the reader. The articles presented have been chosen so as to have a "permanent" value so that they can be considered as a library of work with can disseminate knowledge. That's why the site doesn't focus on reporting of news items; work produced this way has usually only temporary value which is lost as time passes. However, the aim of youth concern is to create a site that will cultivate, inspire and motivate the youth for many years.

Because of the fact that the site has changed course (it started as a personal creation but now it involves the surveys which feature articles by others), a big issue arose: the sections about greek history and the olympic games wouldn't fit in a site with international character. After much thought, I decided to keep them because despite their initial purpose mentioned in their introduction, they may serve another one too: other youth, friends or simple visitors may be motivated to write in a similar way about their countries. I am a person who values knowledge very much and I like learning new things so I decided to show how a country can be portrayed with a few lines and photos, hoping that others will follow my example. Besides, those sections show that we can think both globally and locally. Loving our country doesn't prevent us from being citizens of the world, from thinking and acting globally. - S. Tzelepis, September 2002

The creator

Spiros Tzelepis is 16 years old and lives in Athens, Greece. He attends Senior HighSchool and he has a fluent command of English (Cambridge Proficiency) and an intermediate command of French (DELF II). Being particularly interested in the role young people can play in society, Spiros was a participant in the Junior Summit 98', a programme for young people run by the MIT Media Lab and he attended the forum in Boston as one of the delegates in November 1998. Ever since, he has been an editor in the Junior Journal, an online newspaper by the young for the young which emerged from this project and is run with the support of MIT; his work there counts several articles. He has also attended the E-development conference and the Digital Nations kick-off event at MIT, The 3rd World Summit on Media for Children in Thessaloniki, Greece invited by the European Children Television Center and in 2000 he was awarded with the Mobius Junior award in the category of science. Lately, he attended AGORA 2002, the annual regional Mediterranean Summit on media for children which was a major international event held in Athens and organized by ECTC. Also Converge magazine has profiled him in its annual column "Shapers and Innovators" in 2001. His other work includes involvement in IEARN (International Education and Resource Network) and Unicef's Voices of Youth where he has contributed several times in the previous years.


Reconstruction: July-August-September 2002

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