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by Spiros Tzelepis, Greece

In general, Greek young people aren't supposed to have much free time since the Greek educational system is extremely demanding and thus everyone needs to study as much as possible. However, the amount of free time young people have in reality depends on one thing: the importance each one gives to his/her studies. Those who want to succeed in life, study most of the time so it is unlikely that they have any free time at all. The few free time these people manage to save (although they attend extra language courses), they learn musical instruments, they go to the theatre and the cinema, reading books, they hang out with friends and they take up sports activities. All these are generally uplifting and constructive and thus provide a good break from the hard daily studying routine. Those who think that school is trivial and that the future is far away certainly have a lot of free time which sadly they spend in non-constructive activities like sitting in cafes, playing computer games and even smoking and taking drugs. They don't know how to use all this leisure time which they waste so unscrupulously. But this is usually due to bad upbringing from the side of parents who are overly indulgent and therefore allow their children to engage in such activities.

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