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by Children from Taiwan

May Wang:

People with busy lives need free time to relax. It is a pity that young people here don't have sufficient free time mainly because of the heavy pressure of schoolwork. Throughout their academic years, they have to study hard to pass several important exams, such as the Entrance Exam for University. Consequently, it is a routine for many of them to spend most of their time, even during weekends, studying, doing homework, and going to cram school. It is sad to see that few have free time to relax.

In my opinion, young people have limited choices concerning their free time. Some go camping or mountain climbing to learn how to survive in the wild, while others practise various sports such as roller-skating, swimming, and basketball to keep themselves fit. Also some go to libraries or bookshops to gain more knowledge. Among the free-time activities, I regard some as a waste of time. For example, some surf on the Internet or chat with strangers on line all day long; some just play video games or watch TV. Worst of all, some young people here are crazy about motorcycle drag racing on weekends or holidays for excitement. They can not only hurt themselves but also present serious social problems.

We expect the authorities concerned will lessen our schoolwork pressure and provide us with more free time and space, so that young people in Taiwan can lead happier and healthier lives.

Aurea Kuo:

Actually, we, senior high school students, don't have much free time. Especially at the time like now, the end of the semester, we are terribly busy. We have many reports to finish, lots of tests to take and some club stuff. That's could make us busy enough to have little free time.

Take my example, I spend my free time surfing the internet or listen to the music. And sometimes it'll also be great to read some books and play musical instruments.

Since we don't have much leisure time, we would like to spend our time to relax ourselves. Watching TV is a good relaxing way ... But it sounds not constructive. But if we get the interests to do something meaningful, like painting or reading, we'll gain a lot.

Pon-pon Huang:

Young people in my county always find free time even when they are busy. They spend their leisure time playing computer games reading, going dancing, hiking, listening to music, playing sports, walking in the park, going to the website and sleep. Most young people use their free time to do something beneficial like sports and hiking, or something meaningful for themselves like help others. They all treasure their free time.

Cindy Huang:

We are usually busy studying. We usually log onto the net, go to the movies, do the exercise, going to the bookstores or sleep. I think some of us do spend this time in a constructive way. Taking exercise provides a release from stress and help teenagers build up physical strength .It can also test our endurance. I also like to exercise in my free time. Going to the bookstore can let us know the updates and broaden our horizons. I think both of them are good for teenagers

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