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by Marta Ferreira, Portugal

We have burdens! Besides weekends, we have many holidays and national days; thus we get much free time... and there are the break times and the time at night when young people go to discos and stuff, and silly people also get more free time when they miss classes.

We spend leisure time in many ways: surfing the net, in chats and in mIRC or whatever it's called, doing sports, hanging around in bars, walking around... in many ways, and unfortunately also in discos. Not that the discos are supposed to be bad, au contraire!!! They are supposed to be places where people hang out and dance. But some people here think it is a place to get drugged and drunk. Not good.

No young people do not use their free time in a constructive way; as I said before, drinks and drugs are popular in free time at night, and also vandalism and stealing. So most times they don't use their time well!! But in other times, some healthy intelligent people use their common sense and have fun the right way!

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