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by Spiros Tzelepis, Greece

Speaking about AIDS, we can say that the reasons are many and some times interrelated:

  1. Ignorance is the first reason, and ignorance in some countries is due to lack of education (see for example the behavior of uneducated parents who do not take precautions to protect their children, or irresponsible parents infected by AIDS who give birth to kids without thinking of the consequences)
  2. The feeling of revenge that the victims of AIDS have towards all the others. Those infected by AIDS want revenge against the society for what they suffer; they want others to suffer, too, and this way they return to the society the rejection they experience in their everyday life. As a result they try to spread the disease to as many people as they can.
  3. Young people usually are dominated by feelings more than by thought. This means that they believe they have the power of youth to overcome everything, including death. So they do not pay attention to take precautions. Others feel that is a kind of "heroism", not to take precautions. Sometimes young people are misled by what their friends irresponsibly tell them. In my point of view all the above are relevant to one thing: bringing up educated, well-informed and responsible people is the solution not only to this but to many other of today's problems. This means that we will have responsible parents, responsible citizens, responsible people.

In Greece information about AIDS is accessible to all citizens. In schools there are open discussions and special lectures by invited doctors and biologists, so here the problem is not due to lack of information.

On the other hand people's attitudes towards the victims of the disease are dominated by fear. Despite the information people are not sure if they are safe, and so they avoid contact with the victims of the disease.

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