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by Bennet Makuyana, Paidamoyo Tinago, Queen Nkomo, Debra Manjena, Wellington Makombe, Collen Chigwida, Melber Dzinzi, Emma Hendrick, Zimbambwe

>The main reasons why people are being infected here are as follows:

Information is now being given to the youth through schools and other institutions where the youth gather often, such as at churches and clubs. However there is need for more free literature on this problem. If there are more books, video tapes and magazines on this problem then these can help to spread the word.

The people's attitudes towards the AIDS victims has changed for the better since people are now understanding the different possible causes of AIDS. Before people used to think that AIDS was just an outcome of prostitution and promiscuity. This change of attitudes is a sign of an improvement in people's literacy.

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