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by Theresa Liang, Taiwan

Blood transfusion is the main reason that causes teen AIDS. Some youths are also infected by AIDS because of sexual intercourse, and forty percent among them are gays. According to the numbers of the youths who are infected by AIDS from 1991 to 1997, we are able to know that it has become easier to be infected by AIDS. And that's what we really need to care about.

I'm sure there is accessible information for students. Generally speaking, teenagers are curious about sex, and under the impulse of curiosity, they "taste the forbidden fruit" which indicates the traditional attitude in our society. Li-hsing Foundation, as far as I know, teaches teenagers how to protect themselves. The Government also provides workshops or information.(+886-2-2396-2847). Li-hsing Foundation in Taipei has had a lot of activities, for example, the theatrical therapy or on-line sex educational program(http://www.ownchannel.com/xteenaids.html). There is also a model "Teen AIDS Interactive Model of AIDS/Sex Education on youth", and many adults and teachers volunteer to teach the youth. Since March, Li-hsing workers also go into street to survey or interview the teens. They've held several workshops for them.

I think people are full of anxiety towards AIDS when they lack clear awareness. But what's optimistic is that now the situation is improving. People find that it would be worse if they didn't help each other. More and more people are willing to help the victims and hopefully the victim characterized in the movie "Philadelphia" won't exist again.

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