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Drugs: an abyss for young people

by Guan Yonghe, China

In a word, let's be far away from the drugs and live a healthy life

What causes the babies to lose their parents? What causes the parents to lose their children? What causes the wife to lose her husband? What causes you to lose your friends? It is drugs. More and more people are controlled by drugs; more and more lives are deprived of drugs. Let's have a look at some examples and statistical data drugs bring about.

It is reported that up to last year, there are 680 thousand people who have registered for drug-smoking in China and 595-thousand in the year before last year. It has risen 14.3% in only one year. Now the phenomenon of drug abuse has spread out. Thirty-one provinces and municipalities have appeared the bad record.

What's more, a report shows that people's age for drug abuse is younger and younger. More and more young people have dropped in the abyss. So, what do you learn? What can we do? I know you have got the answer. In a word, let's be far away from the drugs and live a healthy life. Let the devil go to see the God!



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