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Drug abuse in China

by Wang Liang, China

The road of the "war against drugs" is long, but we will win at last

It is said the eight percent of the drug users are young guys, and the number is rising. They are all around China. Recently, I read a piece of news which said that the police in Guangzhou, China has found a place where three drug dealers were selling drugs to 36 students. All the students were studying in the senior middle schools and colleges. When I heard this, I was surprised because despite being a college student, i wasn't aware of this situation.

Drugs can cause much harm, the destruction of a promising education. If we do not control it, the diffusion of drugs will destroy nations. We have experienced opium in Qing Dynasty. We don't want to suffer from it any more. We must prevent the spreading of drugs. We should avoid being pulled into the group of people who smoke drugs. We must teach people when they are babies. For the development of the world, we must do it. And this is not a task for one country. It needs the people all over the world to do something. Today there are a lot of institutes and organizations investing and helping to solve the problems. The road of the "war against drugs" is long, but we will win at last. Drugs will be kick out of the world forever!



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