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Drugs in Portugal

by Marta Ferreira, Portugal

One of the worst things in the world is addiction

I am (gladly) no fan of drugs. I personally think it is a pretty stupid thing which is what lots of people basically (very basically!) think. People from "No-Drugs" companies have come to the school I attend and told us about their personal experiences with drugs and how we should not take them. In our "Life Skills" class we are talking about decisions in relation to, for example, drugs.

But here in my beloved country Portugal, many people, because they aren't informed and don't know that drugs don't do you any good (or because they do know they do you no good?) take them a lot and get into serious trouble with family, socially, and mostly with themselves.

From what I've heard, Portugal has beaten Edinburgh as the country with the most drug addicts in Europe, as well as alcoholics (hurrah). This is due to the large coastline of Portugal, which makes life easier for the drug traffickers to come in with their boats and get their cargo sold and spread. This isn't good news! A large number of Portuguese youngsters take these horrid drugs in order to...