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Drugs slowly destroy you

by Istvan (Steve) Krizsak, Hungary

In Hungary drugs are not a great problem

The consumption and trafficking of drugs has become a real social problem. It's not a newly-born bad habit of the 20th century, it's been going on for so long. Nowadays around 20% of people consume drugs or sell them.

This problem is not solved in spite of the limiting laws. And I think it'll need more than a few years to make drugs disappear. There's a simple reason why drugs are so popular. On the one hand, they are a good business for the dealers and for those who produce them and on the other hand, there are more and more people who think of them as a solution for family and psychogical problems.

But it'd be better if people finally realised the damages caused by drugs.A dealer who is basically a businessman doesn't care about these influences as long as he gets money. And that's why drugs represent a nice chance for getting a lot of money. I think if there weren't those people who want to become rich in spite of taking lives, there wouldn't be so many consumers.

Drugs can cause two main damages. Usually those who use them experience bad circumstances at home or don't even have a home. Around 50% of the consumers are homeless people. People take them to get rid of one problem but in fact, they create another one. The other damage goes together with this which I think is heavier than the first. By using drugs you can lose contact with the others and with your loved ones and you turn on your own way. And drugs slowly destroy you.

But if you have a strong family and you are the beloved of the other members of the family you can easily get over this problem unless it's too late. Most of the victims end with death.

In Hungary, there is not as much problem with drugs as, for example, there is in eastern countries. In the past few years, the government has made more laws that help to limit the growing number of consumers.

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