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It's terrible

by Nigar Gulmalieva, Azerbaijan

Everybody should accept the problem of drugs as the problem of his/her life

Now, people all over the world think that the most terrible problem is terrorism. My mind is quite different. It is right that terrorism is a very serious problem. But there is a problem that is more serious than terrorism. It is the problem of drugs. There are many countries that suffer from terrorism. But all countries suffer from addiction, because there are drug addicts everywhere.

Why can we not find a way to solve this problem? Some people say: "Drugs prevailed, prevails, and will always prevail". Why? Why do they think so? It is quite a serious problem, and to my mind, all people must think about that. They must try to find some way that can help us to solve this problem.

Drugs become more and more popular all over the world. The youth are very interested in drugs. That is why they must be taught about the harm of drugs since their childhood. Learn and remember: "Don't try drugs! It is dangerous! It can harm your health!"

Some people try drugs, and they think that the first time can be the last. But it is not so. Friends play a great part in this problem.If someone's friend uses drugs he/she wants to try it, because he/she doesn't want to be distinguished. This can result in many troubles. Sometimes people want to relax in that way. But they don't think that it is very bad for their health and psychics. The drugs problem prevails in our country, too. Our people are always trying to solve it, but it is not very easy. We often can see the handouts about drugs that are given to us. But the problem of drugs can't be solved.

I think that if everybody accepts the drugs problem as the problem of his or her life, this can help us to solve it.

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