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Drugs in Mozambique

by Carol Nhavoto, Mozambique

In Mozambique, drugs are usually used by young people

Unfortunately, in Mozambique there's a drug problem and this problem affects the whole country and especially the capital, Maputo. Actually, in this city, tons of drugs have been apprehended and even the places where those are made have been discovered. The only problem is that absolutely nothing has been done to change this situation. The worst is that even the people who are caught red-handed with the drugs aren't punished. They're judged and condemned but they rarely go to jail.

In Mozambique, drugs are usually used by young people. In Maputo, there's even a place known as "Colombia" where young people meet to buy, sell and take drugs. The Mozambican society and even the police know about this place but haven't done anything to arrest the ones responsible for this situation.

I don't exactly know how the drug situation is in schools because few people talk about it. What I know is that there're some schools where the use of drugs is very normal and people take drugs very openly.

I think the main reason young people take drugs is the lack of occupation during their free time. Most of the youth go to school in the mornings and have the rest of the day to do anything they want. And only a small number of them have a healthy activity, such as sport, music, etc, in their free time.

But there're also the ones that turn to drugs due to the influence of friends and others; they use it as a way to face their frustration, problems and stress.

I think the Mozambican society should give more attention to this problem by promoting more educational projects about this matter, by starting to arrest and punish the sellers of drugs and by opening institutions to help drug addicted people.

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