Name CheckComboBox (source Included)
Version 1.7 (May 2001) for Delphi 4,5,6,7
Description This is a merge of ComboBox and CheckListBox
You can Multi select Items, checking - unchecking them in the dropdown list. For every selected,unselected  item it's value is inserted,deleted in the combo box line separated by comma from the other choices.
You can select/unselect all with the right click menu.
You can take the result in 3 different formats (quoted) ready to use in SQL

  New properties

  • CapSelectAll
  • CapDeSelectAll
  • NotFocusColor
  • Columns
  • DropDownLines
  • Checked[Index: Integer]
  • EmptyValue (ver 1.6)
  • QuoteStyle of TCHBQuoteStyle = (qsNone,qsSingle,qsDouble)
  • SortDisplay : Boolean; (Ver 1.7)
  New Events
  • OnCloseUp (Ver 1.7)
  New Methods
  • procedure Clear;
  • procedure SetUnCheckedAll( Sender: TObject );
  • procedure SetCheckedAll(Sender: TObject );
  • procedure SetChecked(Index: Integer; Checked: Boolean);
  • function  CheckedCount: integer
  • function  IsChecked ( Index: integer ) : boolean;
  • function  GetText : string;

Download   the component source
   and two demos (as I asked for)
   the project
   the project