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 The project is based on a DATA REGISTRY (with FORMS and IMAGES stored) which at the present moment includes 430 people: thanks to this registry, we can have an overall idea of the health condition of Tilos’ residents. It includes also people coming from non EC Countries, such as Albania, Ukraine, Poland etc., seasonal Greek workers, some foreign residents and tourists. The Doctor of the island (or his substitute) is responsible for  people’s healthcare according to Greek rules and laws. He is supported by two nurses and a technician (able to speak many languages) devoted to telemedicine. They are able to make the Telemedicine Station function, prior to the Doctor’s decision, by telephone calls, emails (attachments) and by videoconference system directly with the Consultants (Clinical Institutions, Telemedicine Centers, Hospitals, Doctors, Specialists etc.). All the data can be sent  to the Consultants  with or without images (from the scene, the patient’s body) or with live Telesonography, also with the support of a special US images Registry and clinical data available (either past and present). The videoconference system can support the check-up of remote Specialists (Orthopaedic, Neurologist, Resuscitator, Surgeon, etc.,. Telecardiology  together with the monitoring of vital parameters in progress is routinely performed thanks to the presence of a Telecardiology Registry (CDI-1998-2002).Special International Teleconsult can be performed. During summertime, young students doing their practical training  could be involved in the telemedicine work receiving at the same time telematic supports, as it happened in July 2002 (live surgery was performed and special surgical procedures explained). Each step of telemedicine work can support the physician’s decision making with tele-diagnosis, telecare, telemonitoring, “second Teleconsult (third etc. look)" and repeated connections. “Privacy”  during personal clinical data transmission is one of our main concerns; the patient  is constantly informed about telemedicine risks and limits (a form to be signed is given ). The current telemedical clinical methodology is applied only for the “elective” clinical cases prior to the Doctor’s decision. Any abuse of telemedicine activities must be avoided.

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