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Our ideas, experiences, flexible methodologies were born on the field. On the other hand, we deeply studied and analysed either technological and clinical aspects of telemedicine, on the Web in medical literature (Medline) also through Congresses participation etc. Reports, lecturers, papers, posters, give evidence of all the work done: TIMTEM website allows the evaluation of proposals, mistakes, changes, difficulties and perseverance in getting good results; The Website World Medical World verifies the attention given to our work by the most qualified electronic literature: for detailed information you have to click on “References” in TIMTEM Website. In a few words, should you like to study “failures and success” in Telemedicine development, you could consult TIMTEM  items’ index: we think this will be of great help to you.

Enrico Cavina, MD, FACS

Email: ecavina@dc.med.unipi.it


For a small and remote place such as Tilos the Telemedicine  lot of times makes the difference between the life and death.

 The utopian  search for doctors of all the specialities for a small place of some hundred of inhabitants gives opportunity  to the Technology to fulfill the existing gap i.e. to vanish the distance and give the prospective of having a specialist doctor accessible for the needs of the Islanders. Through these Telemedicine action the availability of doctors of several specialities for the medical treatment of the islanders is accomplished, thus the status of the medical condition  is improved.

 Anastasios Aliferis, Doctor and Mayor of Tilos

Email: timtem@otenet.gr


On the other hand, our team’s experience in Tilos is strongly linked to the whole TIMTEM experience


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