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  A small introduction to the magical world of Hyplar: The dynamic duo from Athens, Greece are involved in many projects which you will discover only if you have lived in the future. Andy and Simon were the beginners of THF adventure team. Though Hyplar go way back, since they produced many tracks fot the Crooner's "Heaven Airlines" release at Shelflife records and all the tracks of "Soft Escape" of 2000 at Pop Art records. But their activity seems limitless as they do remixes for Scopitone, Blend, Remington super 60, the Crooner and many other artists. Recently, they have attracted the interest of musical celebrities, such as White Town, the Gentle People who remix original scores by Hyplar's album, "Artificially yours"(les disques Aquatic). Andy says that they are better producers than musicians and Simon says that they are better remixers than DJs. They love to work in the studio but when they're on stage their vibes are sent to every puzzled listener who find their sound irresistable.


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