this happy feeling




     It all started in Athens, in 1993. Crooner and Makis P. ( members of then Greek indie bands One Night Suzan & Next Time Passions respectively ) joined forces with a graphic designer and set up This Happy Feeling, the first ever greek indie pop label. This Happy Feeling released 4 singles,plus some in collaboration with other labels.

By 1996, This Happy Feeling was no more operating as a label, but Crooner & Makis P. kept the initials ( THF ) as the name of their production team. They worked together under the name The Crooner, releasing 2 albums in the USA, Japan and Greece. Their warm electronic bossa-pop sound made its way into internatonal compilations as well, by labels such as Bungalow & Lí Apareil-Photo.

      By the turn of the millennium, Makis P. & Crooner were already exploring more electronic areas under their new name : Hyplar. Ranging from chill out & lounge to house & electro , they enriched their sounds with re-worked melodies & obscure samples from the 60s & 70s. Their goal : music without frontiers.  Their first album was released 2 years ago by the French lounge label, Aquatic. Some of its songs have been included in different compilations throughout the world, and also used for a TV commercial and for an American movie soundtrack ( "Quicksand" ).

Nowadays Byron's Girlfriend are recording the new album. The album is produced by Makis P and it's expected to be even more exciting.