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My name is Alexander Turner and I'm from Athens, Greece. I am a second year student in UCL studying a course called SCORE (Statistics, Computers, Operational Research and Economics) which is immensely interesting. Visit UCL's Stats Department !!!!

One of my major Interests is music, i play the piano now for 12 years. One of the greatest technological improvements in sound editing in my opinion, was the introduction some while ago of  a new simple format for storage of sounds in computers known now as mp3. But what exactly is mp3???

MP3 is a file format which stores audio files on a computer in such a way that the file size is relatively small, but the song sounds near perfect. You can identify MP3 files because they will end in .mp3. Typically 1 MB is equal to one minute of music or several minutes for spoken work/audiobooks. It "shrinks" the audio file by eliminating those frequencies that the human ear can not hear, thus no harm is made. It is ingeniously clever and extremely useful.

So for instance, a CD's capacity is 650 Mb, and say that the average capacity of a song is around 3.9Mb in mp3 format, according to my estimates, so in a single CD you could have as much as 170 Songs. Obviously there is the possibility of conversion from wav to mp3 and more importantly from mp3 to wav.

One of the amazing uses of this format, believe it or not is in cars. What you need is a baby AT motherboard running Linux, a small lcd screen and a hard disk full of mp3's and you're ready. A perfect illustration of this can be found here!!!

Here are some of my favorite web sites for mp3's. They have search engines and in split seconds
you can find any artist, any song, any band no matter what you want.

So check them out and have a nice time :-)


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