1. Light Pollution Program (completed)

  • Group leader: George Antonopoulos, PhD

  • About the program

    This is an educational program about Light Pollution. It has been arranged through the Greek Ministry of Education and Religion with support and finance from the EPEAEK Action III initiative. The two year program will run from 1997 to 1999.

    The program is a proposal of the Astrolaboratory of the Second Lyceum of Arsakeio-Tositseio Ekalis, with coordinator Dr.Margarita Metaxa, a teacher at this school.

    Two schools are acting as partners in the program:

    The Eniaio Polikladiko Lyceum of Ioannina, representative teacher Christos Bitsis, MSc and The Manchester Grammar School, Manchester, UK, representative teacher Alan C Pickwick, MSc.

    The program's targets are to:

    Familiarize students with:

    Through this program the participating students will study the problem and in particular will promote the collaboration between groups, taking initiatives in order to grow as future citizens and to contribute to our Culture.

    For that purpose we will cooperate with Observatories, Universities, Technical Universities, Lighting Companies, other groups of students, the Local Authorities, Societies and Associations.

    We thus ask everyone who is interested to join with us in making this a successful project.

    Dr.Margarita Metaxa mmetaxa@compulink.gr


    2. "WATER: a link among Zante (Greece), Abano Terme (Italia) and Veira de Leira (Portugal) (completed)

    Comenius: (1st Gymnasium of Zante, Scuola Media Statale "Vittorino da Feltre", Escola Secundaria "Jose Loureiro Bostas")

  • Coordinator: Dimitris Stravopodis

  • Teachers: Antonakoudi Basiliki, Harta Dionisia, Zografou Maria

  • About the program:

    The program has several unities.
    a. Types of water. Differences among sea water, curative water and potable water.
    b. The role of waters through the history and its influence in people life every territory.
    c. Influence of water to the Language and Culture.
    d. Influence of water to the environment.
    e. Influence of the environment to the water.

    The program aims the pupils of three schools to discover the significance of water. Besides they belong to countries with a lot of water surrounding them. The different cultures will meet and bonds will be created among the tomorrow EU citizens.

    In the frame of this program on 19-23 of January, we visited Environmental Education Center in Klitoria, Peloponese. Pupils and teachers worked together for 4 days with subject "the natural water". It was a really unique experience.

    3. The Solar School-An ecological approach of energy

    This program has to do with the piloting national program of Greek Solar Schools Net. A group of pupils will "prepare" the school to accept the PV systems. This group will be actually  the core of propaganda in the school and local society, about the need of using renewable sources of energy. During the course pupils will learn a lot  about the environmental benefits of utilizing such kind of energy sources. As soon as the PV panels will be installed, the pupils will check and collect the data. They also will communicate with other schools of the net exchanging results, comments and activities. The PV system will be a grid connected one. So three is need of continuous monitoring of its efficiency. Doing the job, the kids will get involved in a kind of scientific research. which we expect to love it.

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    4. Adapt and protect

    (sponsored by the Hellenic New Generation General Secretary)

    Adaptation of islets Pelouso and Marathonhsi, that are located in Lagana Gulf. On these places are gathering the sea turtles every summer in order to lay eggs.  This area is included in the European Network of Areas "NATURA 200". This program is developed by the Caretta-Caretta protection society. Our pupils will work together to collect data about  the conditions of the animal egg-laying. The results of this search will be published in our pages as soon as they are available.


    5. What unites and what differentiates the  three great creeds of Europe (Orthodox-Evangeline-Catholic) 

    This program is under development. The main goals of it are: investigation of the faith of youth, comparison of religious holidays during the year and influence of religion in the constitution and educational curriculum of each participating country. The collaborating schools are:


    Hyvinkään yhteisskoulun lukio

    Raija Partanen, Pertti MäKinen

    Uudenmaankatu 17        

    05800 HYVINKÄÄ


    1st Gymnasium of Zakinthos

    Therianou 8

    29100 Zakinthos



    Petko Rachov Slaveikov High School

    Vazrojdentsi Cmpl.

    6600 Kardjali



    Staatliche Realschule Burglengenfeld

    Josef Hartung, Adolf Weiß

    Kreuzbergweg 4a

    93133 Burglengenfeld


    6. Collaboration of Schools in the frames of Environmental Education  

      In the frames of Network «Ionio, the sea that unites us», students of C2 class of our school, collaborated with students of environmental team B΄ and C΄ class of 2nd High school of  Patras, so that becomes more essential and creative  communication of schools that belong to the Network.    So the pupils,  separated in teams, playing  the game of «treasure hunt» they get  to know Zakynthos  history, the society, the culture, the island  customs as well as the language of it.

    Professors coordinators: Harta  Dionysia, Fragkakis Stayros, Eleytheriotou M.




     7. Educational Visit in the Environmental Centre of Kastoria  

     In the 27-3-2003,  pupils of our school from the B΄ and C΄ class, that work out environmental programs, visited the  Environmental Centre of Kastoria   and attended  a program on the subject « The streets of water – the lake of Kastorja».   The program  contained theory, visits in field of study and research, laboratories of Chemistry and expression of pupils.  

    Coordinators: Harta  Dionisia, Papadatou Stefania, Souli Cristalia,  Kolpondinou Stella.


      8. Health Education

    In  6-7 April 2003, team of children of C3 class of our High school, visited the University of Ioannina.There pupils attended lecture of  a  professor of University on the subject "Mental Health - Interpersonal relations", in the frames of program of Education of Health that materialised 5 schools of our Prefecture.

    Coordinator: Solomos Maria

    For the concretisation of program, helped the person in charge of health education  of prefecture, Mrs Stamiri Dimitra.


    9. School news paper

    In the frames of programs of cultural subjects, the students of school under the monitoring of Mr Kalamaki Dionisios, professor of French undertook the publication of a school newspaper. The name of it «prwto-typos»! The first copy already has circulated, while is already prepared also the second copy.

    Mr Kalamakis, commenting the effort of students, reported: «With this school paper we try to make a course of expression, where we were so much deprived, giving it one free forum. Free forum therefore, for free expression from pupil-columnists for pupil-readers. If it achieves this effort it will be because the children feel this paper absolutely theirs…».





    10. Traditional Zakynthian theater

    The pupils of 3rd class undertook a cultural program  with subject  "Omilies", a traditional kind of popular theater. During the program the students found elements for the Omilies and their historical references. The information they gathered was included in an issue that was published in the school. The pupils also  presented the act of Mrs Mimika Stamiri "Skasiarxio" in the Carnival events as well as in the  school stage at the end of school year. The program is included in the framework of the cultural programs  that enstablished  for the first time during the school year 2003-2004 under the responsibility of Mrs Helen Gounari.

    Person in charge of the program: Xanthaki Angeliki



    11. The coastal tourism and his consequences in the environment

    In the  frames of Environmental Education, students of B and C classes of  1st High school, dealt with the subject: "The coastal tourism and his consequences in the environment", which was also the subject of a relative work.   It was a program of Ministry of Education, which is materialised with cofinancing   of  the European Union, under the management of the University of the Aegean (EPEAEK2).  

    The  students that participated in the program, had the chance to present their own opinions for the tourist growth of our island, to give a lot of elements for the number of tourists that visits each year Zakynthos, from the past up to today, and to analyze the positive and negative consequences of tourist growth in our island. At the same time they also presented their own conclusions, giving examples of smoother and more safe development of our island.