JVComm32  SSTV ( Slow scan television,  See download page.)

                SILICON PIXELS  very nice program for SSTV (recommended)

                    MMSSTV ( via Sound Card (See download page.)

                    MMTTY (freewave great program for RX/TX RTTY  with  DSP-SB  Try it!

                                                           You  can get it from Makoto website(See download page)JE3HHT Makoto

                                                           (Mako) Mori.)


                    LOGGER - ZAKANAKA ( One   of   the   most  popular and well

                                                            known  Log  Telnet,  Dxcluster,  PSK31,  RTTY,  DVK Via sound card rig

                                                            computer  control. ( I  personally  recommend  it  as  I  use  it myself. Itís

                                                            excellent!) Go to the download page and get it.


                   Compitech MSCAN ( Slow scan television programme, Lite version

                                                           of  Mscan, See download page.)



                   DX4WIN ( Logging software very popular v.5.0x, slow scan television

                                                           program,   logbook,   dxcluster,   contest,  TNC  Radio  Controls,  See

                                                           download page.)


                PACKET VIA SOUND CARD ( No TNC required, See download



                                                          MFSK ( A  new  weak  signal  dx  mode  for  Radio  Amateurs  employing

                                              M - ARY,  FSK,  phase  continuous   tones   and   convolutional   code  FEC,

                                                          See download page.)


                             NEW  DX  MODE  PSK-10 ( from  F6CTE   with  TX/RX - RTTY,

                                              DSP, CW via Sound Card.)                                     


                                                          F6FBB ( The most popular program for packet, bbs and many more by 








                                                                                                    More Amateur Radio Software will be 

                                                                                                       available  in  the next update.