My name is Mike Papadogiannis and I was born in Rhodes Island.

                    I live in Rhodes Town.   I am by profession a musician and Amateur Radio is one

                   of my favorite hobbies.  

                    I am active on 20, 15, 17 meters on SSB.   My main activity is on digital modes

                   and especially on packet radio since 1994 and I have worked with many excellent

                   BBS in Europe like,  SV2CMG, SV7MTB, SV6DBL, TA2BBS (one of the best

                   BBS in Europe with sysop, DG4FDI  my friend Thomas.), DK0MNL, TA7BB,

                   TA7E, TA4BBS, RW6AT and some others.

                   My radio rig is a Kenwood TS940, TS140S (works on packet 24 hours a day).

                   3 VHF rigs occupied for the VHF activities.

                    I am a member of CW Contesting Team of  Rhodes Radio Club J45T which is

                   a Club with members who are eager and willing to work on their hobby.