1. What is Virtual CPC?
Virtual CPC is an CPC emulator. It emulates most of the features of CPCs, like undocumented Z80 opcodes, 3 types of CRTC, floppy emulation (good for most purposes), many expansion devices like parallel port light pen, a variety of sound formats etc. See the Complete list in the Readme.txt file inside the downloadable package.

2. I can't find the tape!! Help!
Well, I apologize for this. I haven't written this part yet!!!

3. Why should I choose your emulator? There are many other emulators around!
Okay! Fine with me, if they suit you... :-)

4. I sent you an email but you didn't reply...
I try to answer all the emails I receive. Unfortunately, I have come across some peculiar emails which I can not answer in any way!!! Please, try again sending me your feedback from an alternative email service.

5. Your FAQ list contains only 5 questions. Why is that?
Well, for the time being, I haven't yet collected enough to build a bigger list! I desperately need your feedback!!!