A Short Description
I started in May 2005 writing a Z80 emulator. As I progressed I thought that it would a nice idea if I can test it with a complex program. The first thing that came to my mind was the AMSTRAD ROMs! So it began. 'Add a Gate array here, put a CRTC there, implement memory management, why not writing something about the keyboard, I need sound and the floppy etc,etc... By that point, it was obvious that I was writing a complete CPC emulator, so I decided to rename my project and VIRTUAL CPC was born!

What Virtual CPC Emulates:
CPU Z80 All documented/undocumented opcodes and timings. Turbo mode. Overclock Z80.
Gate Array Interrupt generation, Graphic Pen Registers.
Memory Up to 4 MB of RAM. Assign up to 16 ROMs.
CRTC CRTC types 0,1,2. Overscan and custom screen configurations possible.
Monitor Green or Colour Monitor plus VDU emulation. Double Scanline.
Floppy Two disc drives. Support for the most common operations. Noise Emulated.
PSG Sound in several formats.
Peripherals Parallel port (Digiblaster, Binary Output, PC's LPT, RTF Output). Serial Port. Joystick emulated through keyboard. Mouse emulation. SymbiFace II emulation. Light Pen.

Tools for the user:
Snapshots Version 1 support
Profiles Create and Load your CPC Hardware Profiles.
Video and Audio Capture Video and Audio in various formats.
Screenshots Capture Stills, 768x576 or half size, in bmp, jpg, gif or png formats.
Debugger Limited for the time being.
KeyBoard Mapper Assign your PC keys to CPC keys.
AutoType Utility Load, Save and Autotype any text.
Disk Creator Create and Format floppy or hard disks in various sizes.

Some screenshots of the emulator follow...

CPC Configuation
The configuration dialog where you can set the desired CPC parameters
such as ROMs, RAM, CPU speed and many more...

CPC Configuation
Some of the CPC peripherals...

Miscellaneous Configuation
The miscellaneous dialog allows you to set some characteristics,
like the format of the captured screens and some minor details...

CPC Configuation
The emulator menu where you can load discs or snapshots...

Integrated Debugger
The integrated debugger in action...