MEALOS group of apartments is located in the sandy bay of Aspous at the NE side of Skyros Island, surrounded by a 2500 sq.meter private lot ending at the beach.
MEALOS consists of four single room and two double room apartments all furnished on the traditional Greek style.
Each apartment has its own fully equipped kitchenette, air-condition , W.C., TV and balkony with view.
Each studio apartment accommodates up to three persons.
The double room apartments are ideal for families of four members.



MEALOS has been granted the license of the Greek Tourist Organization

MHTE 1351K112K0111400( 2 keys )

Working period : May to October.

1st floor balcony views







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The island is placed 24 nautical miles from Kymi in Euboea and 118 n.m. from Piraeus. It is the largest of the Sporades islands.( 215 .The main port is Linaria.The town of Skyros chambers up a hill in a white half circle. On its top stood an ancient acropolis, one of the best strongholds in Aegean sea. In Byzantine times it turned into a fortress. There are remains of Byzantine and chiefly Venetian fortifications to be seen today on the site. Under the castle is the monastery of Saint George founded in 962 and dominating the whole island .

The first inhabitants of the island were called the Kares, Pelasyi or Dolopes . This is why the island was first called Pelasyia or Dolopia. As proven by the excavations at Palamari, Skyros was a trade centre in the Copper Age (2500-1800 BC). In 470 B.C. the Athenian general Kimon expelled the Dolopes and distributed the land among the Athenians who set up a large colony. In 322 BC the Macedonians took Skyros .The Island restored to Athenians in 196 BC. In Byzantine times Skyros was a place of exile. At the end of the 14th century it was occupied by the Turks but a little later handed back to Byzantium. After the capture of Constantinople by the Turks in 1453 it surrendered to the Venetians and became a colony of Venice. The island next occupied by the Ottomans in 1538.

Skyros was liberated in 1830 and became part of Greece.

Skyros features significantly too in Greek mythology. According to Homer's Iliad there was on the ancient acropolis that Thetis hid her son Achilles, where, dressed as a girl, he was brought up as one of the king Lycomides’ daughters in order to escape the Trojan War and the prophesy that he would be killed there. Achilles fell in love with one of the King's daughters, Diidamia and they had a son called Neoptolemo. Prophet Kalhas revealed to the Greeks that Troy could never be conquered without Achilles. Ulysses went in Skyros to look for him and disguising as a merchant, with weapons hiding inside his merchandise, he managed to get inside Lykomedes' court. While the girls started looking at the women's clothes that Ulysses was selling, Achilles went for the weapons. This way Ulysses found and led him to Troy where he was killed by an arrow in the heel. Their ships departed from a small port which is called Achilli and is located close to the Aspous bay.
Ulysses returned to Skyros, this time to look for Achilles' son and take him to Troy. Neoptolemos invaded Troy, hiding inside the Trojan Horse and killed the king of Troy, Priamos, to get revenge for the death of his father, Achilles.

Theseus is also supposed to met his death here.

  • The Archaeological Museum of Skyros ( tel.91327 )
  • The Historical & Folkloric Museum of Manos Faltaits ( tel.91232 ) and its ´skyrian house ´, representation of the local traditional residence.
  • The Byzantine castle and the Monastery of St.George.
  • The prehistoric fortified settlement and the excavations at Palamari ( 2500-1800 BC )
  • The ancient quarries at the region Pouria.
  • The endemic ,of a rare protected species, ponies of Skyros.
  • The south of Skyros ,the sea caves and Sarakino islet via boat trips .
  • The pine forests of the north part and the rocky and wild Cycladic south part.
  • The workshops of the carved wooden furniture and pottery.
  • The famous Skyrian Carnival ( Late February )



Every house in Skyros even the poorest is a living museum of popular art, with hand carved furniture and handicrafts. In the folk art shops you will be able to find beautiful hand carved stools, emboidered articles , hand woven materials, rugs, original clay and cooper utensils, chests and furniture.

Also of great interest is the original architecture of the houses, with their pebbled entrances, picturesque roofs, hearth and other impressive features.

The island has many sandy beaches for swimming : Atsitsa, Kyra Panagia, Magazia-Molos, Aspous (in front of Mealos apartments), Pefcos, Kalamitsa , Kareflou , Agalipa,Limanaki,Agios Petros ,Kolymbada etc
In most of these places you will find small tavernas which offer fresh fish, lobsters and many Greek and Skyrian specialties.


  From Athens:

  • By air via Olympic Airways, flight appr. 40min Reservations: Athens tel 210- 9666666 , 9269111 Elefterios Venizelos airport  tel.210 3530000
    Skyros agency tel 22220-91123,91600

      Skyros airport tel.22220 91625

  • By car or bus through Paralia Kymi ( 150 km from Athens) and
    then with Ferry Boat to Skyros (1 hour 40 min.) .
    Bus station Athens:260 Liosion str. Tel 210- 8317163
    Ferry boat agency: Paralia Kymi tel 22220- 22020, 22455  
    Skyros tel 22220- 91790 , 91789, 22165

    From Thessaloniki:

  • by ferry boat ( check if it is available ) tel 22220- 91123, 91600
    Thessaloniki tel.:2310 547407 / 534376
    Skyros tel. : 22220 91123

  • by air via Olympic Airways ( tel. 2310 368311)


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(area code: 22220)

Medical centre      92222

Police station         91274

Town hall               91206

Port authority       91475 

Airport                 91625

Travel agency        91123

TAXI                   91666


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