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I am from Livanates. Livanates is a big village with nearly 3500 inhabitats. If you have a map of Greece and want to find it search at Fthiotida, it is near sea and near Atalanti. Livanates is 45 minutes from Lamia and 1 and a half hour from Athens with car.

Livanates is not well-known but it has a lot of history: At our beach is an Ancient town, called Kynos. Kynos was the harbor of Opous. Opous was an ancient greek king, he was the king of Lokrida. His town was not near sea and his harbor was at Kynos. Kynos was a great city before 2000 years. It had a great position, at the Eyoikos Kolpos and a lot of ships ware passing from here.

But the history of Livanates continues: The father of Odysseas Adroutsos(one of the greatest heros of the Greek Revolution against the Turks at 1821), Adreas Adritsos was from here. Adreas Adroutsos was a chieftain in Greece and with the 500 men he had, he made a lot of damages at the Turks near the end of the 18th century. We have statues of both Adreas Adritsos nd Odysseas Adroutsos in our village.

Livanates has three very clean beaches, which have been awarded with the blue flag(blue flag is given only to the cleanest beaches). A small number of tourists visit every year our village, most of them for the clean beaches. It also has some hotels, restaurants and night clubs.

  • Some of the hotels of Livanates:
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  • Papastefanos Serafeim

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