About Me

Hello there traveller of the cyberspace.

My name is Papastefanos Serafeim and I am 22 years old. I am from Greece and live in Athens. The village, in which I was born, is called Livanates (a page about Livanates in english and in greek).

Here are some things about myself: I am a student at the "National Technical Univercity of Athens"(NTUA), at the school of Electrical and Computer engineering.
Most of my time I am reading books. All of them are about electromagnetism, communications and computers.

About Computers and Me.

I got my first personal computer at the December of 1993. It was an AT 286 with 640 KB of RAM and a yello hercules screen. Some other computers I had since then were a 486 sx-33 with 4 MB of RAM, which was upgraded first to a 486 dx-100 with 8 MB of RAM and then to a Pentium 166 mmx with 16 MB of RAM. After that I got a Celeron 466 with 32 MB of RAM and now I have a Duron 1000 with 384 MB of RAM.

The operatin systems that I have used are MS-DOS 5.0, MS-DOS 6.2, MS-Windows 3.1, MS-Windows 95, MS-Windows 98, MS-Windows ME, MS-Windows XP pro, OS/2 Warp and from Unix flavors QNX, BeOS, FreeBSD, Slackware 3.6, Slackware 4, Suse 6, Mandrake 7, Mandrake 8.

I like programming and learning about programming languages in general. The programming languages which I know are

I an Internet user since the January of 1998, and my page also exists since then.
My main email is serafeim@otenet.gr
but I also use
serafeim@bolt.com sometimes.
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Please forgive all my mistakes, English is not my spoken language.