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This Site is Dedicated to the Wellfare of the Animals

Young Ladies and Gentlemen. This Site is built and maintained by me. My name is John Reclos and I am an 11 year old "newbie". This website is being built for two main reasons. Firstly it is a way to share my interests with surfers and perhaps find some people of my age who share them. The second is to use the English language a bit more. I don't know how big or how complicated this site will eventually become. All I know is that I will try to enlarge it by the day.

What makes me love animals

When your parents come back late at home and you have done everything you can do, such us playing computer games, playing with your toys etc. you feel fed up. The only thing I have to do when this happens is to play with my animals, my pets. You are never going to be bored playing with your pets. An animal has always something new to show you. Every thing it's going to do is a new thing, a surprise. And the most important thing is that an animal has a soul it's alive. Not like the PC, the video games etc. Every time you have a problem or you are sad your pets will understand it. My animals have proved that thing to me many times. When I'm happy they will start knocking at the door because they want to play with me. Every time I'm sad they are standing in front of the door calm and quite as if they feel like I do, and if you take them into your arms while you are sad they will start rambling like they want to console and amuse you, if when you take them into your arms while you are happy they will start playing, doing everything they can. My cat Pips, when she is looking at me from the door, she can understand my mood. Everytime I am angry, frustrated or sad it will start lowering her head until she feels I'm okay. The thing I'm trying to tell you is that an animal is far better than any toy, any game it is better than anything else you can buy instead. 

Acknowledgements: Thanks to my father, George, for his help !!

What can you see in this site ? Well, not really much for the moment but this site will definitely grow in time. For the time being you are invited to visit the following pages:

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