Welcome to my personal site fully dedicated to my folding bike.
Why did I choose a folding bike ?
To explain brievely this choice, we need to go back few years before...
In 1986, I had to move from Belgium to Greece for business purpose, I took with me all my stuff and for sure my nice road bike with which I was cycling for years all around Belgium with my brothers. After some years of living in Athens and due to the very bad and dangerous road conditions in general, I decided with a lot of regrets to sold my road bike to a friend and by the same occasion to stop cycling.
But it was not counting on something real extraordinary that changes my life some years later in 2009.
To tell the true, I had all the time in back of my mind the nostalgy of bicycling again.
I had no idea of what a folding bike was in reality but one day during an Internet surfing session I was looking for bicycles and I found a site in UK describing folding bikes. I decided then to take a close look and investigate that new subject for me.
Also, a major problem was that I didn't dispose anymore of any save place to keep a 'traditional' road bike at home or anywhere else. After a long period of research I finally choose the folding bike made by "Brompton" in UK.
The major argument for choosing the Londonian manufacturer was the extreme compactness and impresive practicality of the bike's folding system.
My S-Type Brompton folding bike near the sea in Greece Another crucial argument in my choice for Brompton, was the very smart transmission system used by the Brompton folding bikes.
A highly-efficient combination between a Sturmey Archer 3 speed internal hub gear system and a 2 rear sprockets Brompton 13T/16T unique derailleur system. This is the famous BWR - Brompton Wide Range.
This gives a powerful six evenly-spaced gear system.
My choice was for the Brompton S-Type that I bought finally early in may 2009 in Athens and from that date, I am back to cycling on roads with big pleasure.I take my Brompton once a week for a tour of 35kms around Athens each time.I personally take care about the service and maintenance tasks myself, for that purpose I bought all the necessary and specific bike tools and continue to buy on a regulary base all the Brompton spare parts from different Eshop(s) in UK.
I hope you will enjoy your visit and expect you coming back soon.

Let's take a short walk through the site and learn more about my "Brompton" folding bike.