Panayis' Software Distribution Page

All software listed here is written in ISO C and distributed under the GNU General Public License, unless specified otherwise.

Sorry about the packing format and the uninformative filename extensions. This is due to braindead content restrictions on the ISP side. I'll have to do something about this eventually...

delat 2.0.8 (234K zipped tarfile) converts ASCII-encoded greek text (``fragkolevantinika'') into real ISO-8859-7 Greek (Ελληνικά). It deduces the latin-greek mapping automatically, checks spelling and inserts accents. You can read the online documentation for details.

just 1.0.1 (11K zipped tarfile) is a text justification utility that also dabbles in steganography (or the other way around, depending on your perspective).

trgr-mode (4.5K zipped Emacs Lisp source) is a collection of minor modes for editing Greek text on Emacs. It is partly based on greek-mode.el by Sarantos Kapidakis; I've taken out the features I don't use, cleaned it up so it doesn't mess with the global syntax and case tables, and added support for terminals without greek fonts (displaying greek chars as latin ``fragkolevantinika'' approximations).

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